Card not working. Card information not there

Not sure what happened but I used the card for 3 purchases on 4-1. I went to buy a bag of gems just like every other month and the card information is gone. Will not let me use the cards I was using before. Says this account is not authorized to accept Google payments. Is this being worked on?

That’s a problem with Google play and or your credit card company, not SGG.


Simply buy google play debit codes. Never had such probs with that.

As @KLinMayhem said, any payment issues have to be dealt with by Google directly. SGG doesn’t actually have control over those, they’re handled by Google or Apple.

Your best bet is to check the Google Support Site:

Fix Payment Issues on Your Account

Accepted Payment Methods

SGG also has a couple troubleshooting tips you can check, in case they help:

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They don’t work either. Says the Google account is not set up for payments, yet I can use it on Google play. Happened after update on 4/2/19.

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