CARAVAN raiding - put to use many bench heroes - NEW FEATURE

Hahah, I wouldnt mind getting payed for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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They can you for “free” by rewarding you with gems :slight_smile:

Nice idea anyway :slight_smile:

Overall, I like the idea, but wish it was more hands off, or, alternatively, if an active event, have a set number of “encounters” that can be played at your leisure, but some refractory period. Like a combination challenge event (stage count maybe based on some difficulty?) and wanted mission reset time (I’m inclined to not allowing gems to skip) and keep the heroes locked up for the entire time.

That would fill my need for the odd down periods which don’t necessarily align with SG’s event schedule, when I don’t feel like farming.

But, in general, I’d like to see more … rpg-esque elements in the game. Let the dispatched heroes gather a small amount of xp (convenient way to work on those ignored 3* and 4*)? Only partially heal between encounters (to up the challenge)?

The way I planned it, you are already limited to max 5 caravan travels/ambushes (at trading centre lvl 10) a day. And if you dont feel the need to be active, you can opt in for more passive approach with sending heroes to guard, not ambush. :slight_smile:

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