Captain Sargasso pull

Had 300 gems and found myself at the event summon portal. Pulled Captain Sargasso. Not sure how to feel. I read he was buffed sometime back. Is he worth 3/70? I have some good dark heroes (Sartana, 3 Kageburado’s) so he’s last on my list. How good/bad is he?

He’s situational. His healing negation can be a royal pain, but… As you say, Sartana and Kage are the right purples to focus on.

Does he affect only healing regeneration, or mana too? On card stands “all regenerations”.

I don’t wanna sound rude but let him rest for now and focus on Sarta and then Kagebu. With those two you won’t need Sargasso for quite a while. Sadly, none heroes from the pirates event are really game changers. Cabin boy is very cool, only it. But, congrats on the 5* pull. it is still better than pulling another crappy 3* :kissing_heart:

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That must be a translation problem. On the card in English, it says explicitly that it’s only healing recieved that he reduces.


I got a Sargasso in the original run of Pirates in summer of 2017. Mine is still at 1/1. ‘Nuff said?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I would do the same

He’s handy at 2/60 as part of a purple stack during a healing aid war. I have no immediate plans to do more with him, though 3/70 would be nice someday. He’s not actually bad IMO, but there are still a lot of more useful purple heroes to put resources into.

I’m glad I found this thread… I just pulled him too and was searching to figure out if I should focus on him.
I have Victor, Khiona, and Domitia. I guess I shelf him.

I decided to shelf him too. Saw he got a buff awhile back but still kind of weak.

Maybe, but i have triton that do the exact opposing. Using triton can overwrite Sargasso’s debuff.

After you finished with the 3 Kageburado, your Sartana, your Cyprian and Layla… you can wait another bit :face_with_monocle:

I have triton too but at 1/1. Maybe I will just start working on him. Triton looks cool too!

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