Captain of Diamonds multi-hit bug?

I was Raiding vs. the team shown below and this picture was taken immediately after I took damage from Captain of Diamonds SS. CoD hit Evelyn for like 300ish damage… and then Ariel took a hit for double digits, something like 70-90pts.


I don’t understand how Ariel took a hit. No one just used a slash damage attack based on countdown numbers to next attack. And none of the other SS’s fired based on existing mana bars. None of my heroes have the ability to generate minions. The only thing I can figure is CoD’s SS erroneously went on a multi-attack after thinking it killed a minion on Evelyn.

Obviously I don’t have a video of this or I would have posted it. But I’m putting this out there in case anyone else sees similar behavior.

This was on v23 on Android.

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