Captain of Diamonds in Buff Tournament- No multiple hits

I have used COD once in a while before since his upgrade. He does hit twice if used and no minions attached. In the buff tournament though, I used him in a battle, they had buddy so I wanted to test him, and he would not hit twice multiple times I tried. No minions were on at the time but it still should of attacked twice. I don’t have any video. A pic wouldn’t really help but I attached anyway. Just shows him there. I have him in my defense team also for this tournament so I am wondering if it is also happening there and may cost me a battle. Please check it out.

Did the captain get a upgrade? Not sure he did.
His card doesn’t say hit two but is a bit complicated, so if you hit a hero his attack may hit the same person twice if they don’t have minons so it makes it pointless?
Thats what I’m getting from it.

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This is probably why


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