Captain of diamonds - forgotten update?

I’m just all kinds of WRONG in this thread, apparently. :wink:

@Rduke77, you’re right about Finley… my mistake, I had it backwards. (I don’t have him, and had it mixed up in my head.) Perhaps increasing damage on successive hits would make Capt different, and thus more interesting and more fun. :slight_smile:

@jinbatsu, thanks for pointing out the current beta… I guess I should pay more attention before I post my ideas for doing exactly what they’re doing. :wink: I think he becomes better than he currently is if he targets enemies with minions in succession, instead of randomly jumping to ANY new target… this essentially ensures that he wipes all the minions off the board (except if Telluria is present).

As for Fast speed, umm… oops? I thought he was Average… in my notes for him, I have him as Average, and have his damage calculated as Average. Weird, I must’ve either noted it incorrectly when I first got him, or copy/pasted from another Average speed hero when I updated my info. This makes him slightly better than I thought he was… still not awesome, but might be worth using more than I thought.

Anyway… I guess I’ll see whenever the changes roll through and take him out for a test drive again. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


agree with @Olmor, make capt an epic finley. and increase his attack stats and damage to 300%


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Mines still at 1/1 has been for months as other priorities I can’t remember if I needed a padalin or not as I was going to level one. Maybe as nothing else to level. :woman_shrugging:
But a change is needed if he only 1 of 3 that kills minions should hit all and kill all minions.

The latest update seem to be the way it should work imo. I’m not in beta but they way it was worded in the prior testing could mean that if Telluria was the last one standing he would outright kill her if she had a minion. Unless the new target means it needs to be a different hero. But then it would still be weird if the defender had two Telluria as last heroes standing. Should hit them until one is dead and then a last hit on the other one.

If it worked like in the round before this it would have been hilarious to watch and indeed needed to be reworked before making it to the final game.

Captain of Diamonds buff is now implemented in V30 update:


yeah… but still his attack stat still low

And since when will his attack work as described?

Can somebody explain me how Cod works against Telluria?

I guess SGG wording strikes again…

Telly is immune to minion REMOVAL…
Captain DESTROYS minions…

I see that if I fire Cod on Seshtat he will destroy every minion than hit somebody else …
But what about Telly?

It’s not like BLUE is a preferred colour against Telluria but I have Captain since like forever and might consider to ascend him…

Please help me out…

This is the result what i get by targetting Telluria directly…

And i won the match with a 60 CoD… blue stack against Telly works LOL


First picture: telluria has been targetted by CoD
Second pic: after hitting Telly Captain goes for the wing
Third pic: the overall damage…

No minions left but Telluria… even that at low HP…

So anybody knows how this exactly works?

EDIT :and on the third picture: it is a massive damage from a 3/60 hero…

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Awesome. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Previously, his attack would stop if he hit Telluria. But now his card just reads, “if the target had minions,” so a guarantee 5 hit. A massive improvement for COD.

He is also fun to use on Jotunheim levels that spawn minions when enemies die.


Awesome demonstration,… now interesting :thinking:

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Can anybody reproduce my results?

Maybe with a maxed Captain so we can see the full damage potential…


Ok, I will try to check it.
I have a maxed CoD with some emblems.

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The more i analyze my pictures the more confused i become…

How did Captain bypassed Telluria’s unremovable minion and damaging her?

Note: Telluria 's minion is about at half Health so the little bugger did absorb some damage but where the hell the 92 damage comes from?

CoD’s spécial skill does damages, I don’t see the problem here

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The minion is there to absorb that damage… On the third picture Telluria received 92 damage but her minion is still around 50% HP so that damage should not happen. Unless i completely miss something…

The damages has been done to the minion not telluria herself that’s why the minions is half-life

I see that… but how on Earth got Telluria damaged while her Minion is still alive?

Edit: look at the third picture please

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