Captain of diamonds - forgotten update?

So captain of diamonds should have gotten an update with the recent balancing.

Where is it? Why wasn’t it included?

Pls do not merge into the other thread as discussion over there is 99% Telluria/Vela. I asked there twice but nobody even noticed.



I’d like to know about the captain, too. My YouTube subscribers are asking about the captain, but I have nothing to tell them other than that the change was planned but didn’t happen.

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Really no information there. As long as he will not get the update I won’t continue leveling him…sitting at 3.1 .

I believe his only update is that if he can’t kill a hero’s minion, for example he targets Telluria, he will continue to randomly hit other heroes.

If you target Telluria and he contrinues to hit other heroes, he’s working. If not, they didn’t do the update.

The wording hasn’t been changed as anounced and his name did not appear in the final changelog.

I can test him though.

Already confirmed by moderator, he does not get buff from this balance. Maybe next time :man_shrugging:


Here is what has happened:

Everybody had a minion from Telluria with 200 life.

Targeted Marjana, minion killed 136 dmg, next target
Kageburado minion killed 125 dmg, next target
Vivica minion killed, 131 dmg, next target
Marjana no minion, no new target, dodged
Attack ended

So he is working as intended. His dmg was below 200 so he could not have killed the minions with his normal attack.

If he hits Telluria then his attack stops cause Telluria is immune to minion removal and the attack only continues if minions were removed.

In the proposed balancing update he would continue his attack if minions were hit. So the only difference were that his attack would have continued after hitting Telluria.

Not sure if I should level further. Against Telluria he is only semi-useful having wrong color.

Might be useful against Red Hood, QoH, Santa Claus, Mother North, Buddy, Inari, Freya… we will see.


Don’t know. An-Windr was not mentionend, too. This is about Captain of diamonds. Pls create your own thread.

He should hit all enemies with minions at once. Then he would be okay.

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Cap is working as intended. There’s no change to anything important about his ability. His chain of strikes no longer stops when he hits a minion in front of Telluria. Prior to this change he was especially useless against Telluria tanks because of her innate resistance to minion removal.

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This has to be proven. The attack only would not stop in my opinion when he kills the last minion of Telluria with his normal damage.

Minions of Telly kept untouched and CoD strikes again?

Will he deal damage to Telly?

This was the intended buff but it was cancelled as @jinbatsu pointed out.

He still stops when hitting Telluria.

He should hit all enemies with minions at once to become useful. He still needs to be patched before anybody will start to use him.

Mine waiting for last upgrade since my first Atlantis last September…I used sometimes on events vs QoH

I see a couple of different ways they could buff him:

Option A) have him switch targets to guaranteed hit another enemy with a minion, effectively wiping minions from the board, like Grimble or Gobbler would

Option B) have him do progressively more damage for each enemy he hits, similar to Finley. They’re even both blue, so it’d be like he is Finley’s little brother! :wink:

I have a 4-70 Capt of Diamonds… but I don’t remember the last time I used him. Not in war, events, nothing.

EDIT: Or make him Fast…?

Good gaming!

Finley starts out high and goes DOWN in power with each hit…for a total of THREE snipers worth of overpowered damage at FAST mana speed. Then you’re left with a defense down ailment for all. Overpowered joke.

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@Fizban, here is latest update in beta, but with this change:

Still not worth,…

He is already fast, or you mean very fast?

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If he’d cycle through all enemies with minions, he’ll become sth like an epic Finley. Please do that change SGG.


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