Captain Nemo doesnt work with %600 after negative stack


I tested captain nemo with skadi.

[00:19] Damage %300
[01:48] Damage %300 with Skadi’s negative stack

Good thing the description says that its 600% with any ailment and stacks on the CASTER, otherwise this would be a bug

not any ailment and stacks…
any ailments OR stacks

on the CASTER…

The ailment or stack has to be on Captain Nemo for him to get the bonus… so many people have read this wrong…


i see thanks! i didnt focused the target or caster detail lol…

Only a minor detail :smiley:

captain nemo will do %600 damage after lose the match :rofl:

I’m not a fan of snipers, and the conditional means there are better snipers out there. However, take him against a team with Bera for example and he will do well. The ailments she gives are frequent and not debilitating and will let him fire at 600% with a very high attack stat. But Gefjon is still better in this scenario… or really any scenario…

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