Captain Kestrel vs Tyr for ascension

Hey y’all, looking for your thoughts on the decision between Captain Kestrel vs Tyr for ascension.

This wouldn’t be for my defense team and I doubt they’d even make my raiding team. They are most likely just going to be used on my mono team for war.

Currently, my other red heroes I have for my red war team are Boldtusk, Wilbur, Marjana (maxed), Sumle, Rueben (3-70), Azlar (3-70), Santa Clause (3-70). I also have a +20 Grazul and +20 Natalya but those are both on my best attack team and rarely get featured in my mono red since those two usually get used by time i have to use my mono red.

My mono red is a bit slow moving and not my best team as it relies on a lot of 4* and 3-70 heroes but it does pack a good punch when I can get their specials off.

I feel like Captain Kestrel fits in best with the BT-Wilbur-Sumle synergy but honestly I have used him quite a bit and I really just have not been impressed. I see him quite a bit on ranked defense teams and i get confused because he has never given me any trouble. On offense, he hasn’t been strong enough to justify not having secondary abilities. But I see why he would synergize with my other heroes

Tyr does not synergize well with those 3 I mentioned above, but he does work well with Marjana atleast. He is a bit of a solo hero who works on his own.

Santa and Rueben are out of the question because they both suck hahah (atleast compared to my bench, I understand every hero can help somewhere but they aren’t helpful for me).

What do y’all think, Kestrel or Tyr?

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When I saw the title my mind said “Tyr no question”.

As I read your thoughts on using the Wilbur damage share, I’d change your question into Tyr v Reuben as I’d vote Reuben over Captain Kestrel. At a minimum they have the same base special damage. However I’d rather take Reuben’s ability to keep the mono red team alive via DoT reduction and minion as a quasi heal than Kestrel’s increased damage to higher mana enemies (not sure what the correct term is there).

None of the three greatly “fit”as they all fast mana but we can all always use fast mana heroes.

I’d have a hard time not going with Tyr.


Tyr is really good one man army. If you Had a falcon I’d go kestrel as the 3 hit would be more better then Ruben or tyr
I’d go tyr as he can save you if this for a war team.

Tyr can survive the apocalypse with the roaches, but he hits soooo weak. Kestrel is truly underrated and can pack a mean punch if timed right. This is a close call…I’d probably lean towards the pirate in all honesty, but going for Tyr wouldn’t be wrong either.

If you going for a single man war machine it’s Tyr if its for events (like challenge or ninja) I’d go Captain as hitting 3 is becoming a more desirable special.

Hiya @FroggyRay

I would go for Captain Kestrel. The dude is an absolute UNIT on attack. Hit 3 damage & able to do HEAPS of carnage based on the mana charge amount.


Why do I have the urge to ask you to ascend Azlar? :rofl:

My 2nd mono red:

Wilbur - Falcon - Ares - Elena - Marjana


Tyr - JF

On defense tyr is so annoying.

Vote for tyr

Another vote for Kestrel here.

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Tyr. Can win you raids on his own when gone on all wrong. His revive has won me countless raids with himself being last hero standing

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