Captain kestrel or marjana?

My girls team and she just got captain today and she has marjana at 3/70. Who should she use her final material on? This is the team she currently has too.

If you’re going to emblem her, Marj. If not, Kestrel.

They are both the same class and yes, I will emblem

Kestrel hands down. That SOB has given me a ton off issues when emblemed


marj is basically the red 5* sniper right? she might be the better hero with more use cases, but captain kestrel is pretty rare - so bonus points for even having him I guess.

In my honest opinion, both are really good, and both should be fully levelled.
However, I would go with Marjana and emblems first.
Good luck

Here is the 2 stats compared

It’s a good basic, but it doesn’t show the stats with emblems. I believe there’s tools out there that could show you, but can’t remember on the top of my head.

Marjana is solid and I agree with JGE that both should be maxed, but trust me, Kestrel is the way. I’ve never had issues with Marjana on an opponent’s defense, but Kestrel is a frickin pain to deal with tho.

Also, when Kestrel is used in offense, he can be absolutely devastating when used right!

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Personal vote:
Captain Kestral

Imo he’s much better than Marjana, especially when emblems come into play

Kestrels stats are better geared towards doing sniping damage from the wing;

He also does killer damage to (up to) 3 enemies as opposed to Marjana targetting only 1

As @TheChef said, of the two, kestrel gives me more troubles on a defence team than Marjana does.

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With kestral I presume full attack route way to go ?

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With either I would go attack route.

Twenty Character thanks

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Man, y’all let me down. Captain is garbage. Been playing my girls game for a while and captain sucks. Marjana would have been way better. Her damage and fire is better. Captain is muff cabbage

Capt Kestrel 100%
I have Marj maxed and would still take Kestrel over her.