Captain Kestrel, Is he really not good?

I have him 3/70 and use him only for alliance war. hard to find the info about him. I already have 4/80 Marjana and collect 6 rings again.
not worthy of ascending him? I know just a few people would use him and that says it’s not very good.
I love his appearance but 6 rings are expensive. just let me know any info about him

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Nope. 3/70 is where he should be staying.
There are other more worthy heroes such the HoTM for this month or even Azlar.

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If you do a lot of pulls, and/or have a shot at a better red hero, I would wait- especially since the current HOTM is red too.
Though, if you don’t care about having a better red hero, or you think it’ll be awhile til you get one and you enjoy playing with Kestrel, then go for it! He’s not one of the best reds by a longshot, but if you love using him then maybe he’s the right choice for you.
For me personally, I don’t make ascension decisions until I’ve played with the character for awhile, and then I decide for myself if I enjoy using them enough to spend mats on them, though I’m also very indecisive so that might be my problem too :wink:

Okay in short: If you’re only wanting to ascend the good characters, I’d wait.
If you don’t really care about that or just want someone ready now, then go ahead and do it (but only if you’re sure- because you might pull Zimi tomorrow, who knows).


I honestly prefer other reds legendary heroes, regulars included.

He probably can be a good event hero paired with Falcon due the attack on 3 targets for both, but thats it.

In all other works i don’t see him shine anywhere.


I like Kestrel. He was the first 5* I ever received so I maxed him pretty early, but that was at the back end of 2017. Unfortunately for him (and his pirate crew including the once-loved Peters) a ton of other more complex heroes have come and made him look archaic. Had I summoned him now, or after picking up heroes like Azlar or Natalya that got shelved and forgotten forever, I probably wouldn’t pick him first, but I still use him very often and still have no regrets at all that I did max him, even though people who have never used him mocked me for it in the past.


Natalya is a great hero, fast, when active she literally kills the opponent, more than 800 DOT damage, mana is reduced so that hero will not activate at all.
Very very resistant and over 1400 life, she is a raid controller, nobody fires after she fires.
I dont know why some people dont like her that much, she is a an A grade attacker for sure. She was my first red and changed my game. Ups for Natalya!
Artificial intelligence sucks so she is not adequate for defense but for offense she is amazing in my opinion for a fast mana, undispellable…


Always thought she was Average in speed. Even then she is still awesome

Like Mantis, Kestrel was my first legendary. I ascended him as soon as I could and have never regretted it. I’ve since ascended Azlar and Elena and am soon to ascend a fourth five-star.

Kestrel gets a bad rap, but he pulls his weight alongside the rest of em. He hits fast, he hits multiple targets, and if they have a bit of mana, he can hit pretty hard—300+% on three targets is nothing to sniff at.

He may not have the flash or curves or complexion of his fellow reds, but he holds his own.


I don’t have Kestrel, so I can’t say anything about him from experience other than the maybe 2 times I’ve faced him on a defense team. Judging solely from the card, though, he seems pretty solid, especially with Zimkitha now acting as a strong counter to more traditional DOT heroes like GM, Marjana, and Azlar.

Synergies that might help him shine would be mana-control heroes that will help keep enemy mana high without causing them to cast. Cabin Boy Peters’ mute ability would work best, keeping enemy mana pegged at 100% for maximum Kestrel special output. Hansel/Gretel can also keep your main target’s mana consistently above 50%, putting Kestrel’s special at a minimum of 275% of 721 base attack. Mana slowing heroes like Little John, Natalya, and Alasie would also make timing Kestrel’s special a bit easier.

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I agree with the above.

When I started in 2017 Autumn, I spent a lot ( for me) trying to get Kestrel and only got Boomer :frowning:

Currently the game is built around 4* heroes with 5* 3.70 being deliberated weaker than 4* 4.70 but 5* 4.80 taking much more time/ money to level ( see note).

However there is a new 5* hero every month and each new batch of heroes like challenge events usually brings more 5* heroes than 3*/4* because that pays Small Giant games bills and lets them stay in business.

Between 5* 1.1 Marjana & 5* 1.1 Kestrel, I would have leveled Kestrel to 5* 4.80 first since he is more versatile and better matching/ board/ physical damage which would help me get 4* ascension items from triple bosses in challenge and seasonal events so I could level Marjana, or another 5* red, faster.

Since you have 5* 4.80 Marjana, which is a good hero for legendary training hero pool and 5* fast mana speed, you might want to hold off on 5* 4.80 Kestrel until you have more 3*/4* ascension items.

Pokémon GO has multiple ways to get Heroes like Ares, Gravemaker, Natalya and [redacted], but there is still some RNG. For their 5* equivalents ( rare candy & legendary) my rule is, I will not level a 5* Red past 5* 2.60 until I have 12 mystic rings ( and 16 hidden blades) so I can level Ares, Gravemaker, Natalya, or [redacted] if I get them immediately after leveling a different 5* red to 5* 4.1.

==Notes ==


You play Pokemon go! That’s awesome, that was my game for years til I found this one :blush:
Totally off-topic, I know, but I just had to say something lol


Today i pulled out captain kestrel, and then read that he is really bad. Is that true? My actual team is Sabina 3/60 danzaburo 3/10 caedmon 3/60 Athena 2/40 scarlett 3/50 should. Should i focus to replace scarlett wójt captain or level her up to 4/70 i need 2 more hidden blades to upgrade her.

I don’t think he is bad, just not outstanding. A fast hitter that hits target and nearest shouldn’t ever be thought of as bad, but there are so many great red 5 stars that he just doesn’t shine.


I’ve had him since the May 2018 Pirates event, and I think he is vastly underrated. This is especially true in raid offense when paired with a defense debuffer. Depending on the enemies’ mana level, it’s not uncommon for him to hit for 500-650 per enemy. That’s wild damage output. Raid defense is similar too. He hits HARD.

On titans, he’s not as versatile or “plug and chug” as some others, but obviously a weapon on green titans. It never hurts to have an extra 720 attack on a greenie.

Also make farming much faster by hitting 3 targets.

Overall, a huge upgrade over Scarlett. Give him the rings and don’t look back.


Don’t base all of your opinions off of what you read here.

Between the collections of trolls/naysayers/devil’s advocates, spenders (who have “better” heroes) and others who “claim to be objective,” it is often that people will draw a 5*, get excited, only to have the wind sucked out of them when they read that “X hero sucks” on the forum.

Kestrel is not a bad hero.

And, keep this in mind also… you have to play the hand you are dealt rather than the cards you didn’t draw.

Earlier this year (Feb? can’t remember) I drew Boomer. I know he isn’t the greatest, but he still has a spot on my lineup. He was also my first 4* purple, and my first purple to 4t. I don’t regret it.
However, reading this forum people call him worthless and useless.
Fine. That’s their opinion. I still use him.

Bottom line? He is, as Bobby said, a huge upgrade over Scarlett. I would suggest 3/70 Kestrel. Don’t do anything dumb like eating Scarlett, though. Her 4t tile damage is among the best.


He’s not bad, but he’s not good either. If you’re lacking a 5* red or decent red attacker he can be of much use to your team. If you’re further along with a larger roster he likely won’t be used as there are many better options.

I don’t thin Kestrel is outstanding based on raiding against him, but it’d be a mistake to call him bad. He wouldn’t be my first choice to level if I had access to all the 5* red heroes, but he certainly wouldn’t be the last either.

This is so true. Though in my case I’d already seen people saying obakan sucks before pulling him twice from my TC20 and once from atlantis. And what actually sucks is that I’m sitting on all the mats, no other dark 5, and I haven’t ascended him. And what am I waiting for? Maybe I’m following Gryphonknight’s no regrets rule.

But it still feels like it’s wasting potential oomph, somehow. Even if it’s less oomph than Sartana-maybe-from-my-TC20 oomph.

And so I procrastinate another day, until another dark 4 is 3-60 and I’m ready to feed a new baby.

@Kasspaa you said you still needed hidden blades for Scarlett. If that means that you don’t have enough for kestrel (rings included) then I’d prioritize finishing Scarlett first since I think you’ll get lots of use out of her while collecting the rest of the mats you need for kestrel.

Obakon has decent tile damage and honestly, it’s not like he’s Sargasso…worst ever (that was a joke) He can be fun to raid against and will provide a little more durability v. Yellow titans.

There is someone in my alliance who is hoping for either Obakon, Sartana or Domitia, they are level 50. So he has value.
I like how people say “I’d wait for another 5*” when they are, by design, difficult to get.

Next month’s hero of the month is dark. can’t count on that 1.3% chance.

The only hero I would ever say “Wait” on is Quintus. Very Slow mana heroes are really, really tough to make good. But, with a level 23 purple mana troop and these new classes… who knows?

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Exactly. You can wait, but you might be waiting a really long time and missing the benefit of having something decent today. And I have zero thoughts of next month’s hotm. Got lucky with a token this month :wink:

Anyway, I gave him my last pair of gloves today, so I’ve committed to this project!

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