Captain Kestrel damage %


With special skill at lv 2, the height of the % isn’t filled in, it only says % without a number.


@Petri? Nice catch, B-Witched :wink:


Same with special at lv 3 and 4.


Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate this here!


Yeah same at level 8


This will be fixed in the next update (1.8). :slight_smile: My apologies for the problem and thanks again for reporting this issue!


Loaded an update today, did not change. @Petri is this just a bug in the description? Does the skill still work as intended?


Sorry, I should’ve been more specific, this will be fixed in the next major update (1.8). I confirmed that this is just a bug in the description and the skill should work as intended.


Thanks for fixing him :-).