Capes to Triton or Magni (to 3.70)

Hi all, same old question - who to give “X” to.

I just pulled Triton and have been giving him my 1 star feeders… he’s currently only at 1.23.

Things to note:

I do have a couple good blue 4*s leveled up already… Sonya and Grimm, both with emblems.

Also, I am closing in on Scopes, but not quite there yet. I am currently 4/6… and would need another 4 Capes as well to ascend Magni to tier 4…

Not going to lie, advancing my first 5 star is tempting, but I am willing to hold off on it until i get the scopes if Triton would be the right move now.


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If you are feeling saucy with your luck and manage to snag 2 more telescopes within the next couple weeks then I say do Magni.

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That does seem to be a bit saucier :wink:

If Triton was already at 3.60 I’d easily go along with him… then maybe the 4 Capes and 2 Scopes would line up and fall into my lap around the same time. Leveling him up fully just sounds sort of like a chore at the moment though haha.

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Maybe you should take Triton to 3.60, by the time leveling Triton if 2 more scope coming in your way and you should get a couple of capes during that time.

imo Magni deserve the mats to ascend then Triton. btw i dont have Magni or 5* blue. But his special is very awesome (do some serious dmg + def buff)

if no more scopes obtain, Triton should be your answer.


If you currently have 2 blue 4s maxed, then Triton.

Magni is really really good, but if you do wars/raiding/titans then it’s more efficient use of resources to get more 4s maxed first imo. Also, just 2 telescopes can still be a longish wait.


Do you have a healer in your team? Triton boosts the healing, so if you have someone who heals, it would be a great benefit to add also Triton

Oh yeah. Pretty stacked on 4* healers. Rigard, Boldtusk, Melendor all with emblems. Sabina is like 3.25, but won’t be pushing her for quite awhile. I wish I could get a Kiril because he seems like he’d be a perfect pair with Triton… but that would just add more Blue to the list lol.

Wow. I’ve stuck 1* Blues as I’ve gotten them in Triton. Usually 4 each for an 8% shot…

Leveled up his SS 3 times now, so it’s at 4/8 and he’s only 1.33. Might as well take the hint eh? :wink:

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