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I just finished up my CoD a few days ago, and I certain;y plan to use him against all those pesky Delilah’s—particularly with a GM tank.

Captain… in my judgement that hero special is a bit out of logic . doesnt come in my mind a 4* hero which produce minions (correct me if im wrong) , so hes created thinking of “waring 5*” ?! If any of 5* which has minions , would easily kill Captain or u would kill those 5*s by cascade tiles… so my point of a Captain using his special is kinda 1% . I have him fully leveled but i never seen his special fire away since feb when i got him…

Buddy 4* and Rudolf 3* both have minions

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I don’t use Captain all that often, and he isn’t maxed yet, but I did once clear NINE minions in one activation. :slight_smile: He hit a five enemy heroes, and several had multiple minions (due to Delilah AND Thoth-Amun, if I recall).

He has his place, especially since he automatically kills minions and jumps around a bit. I plan to max him, he is at 4-35 or so, but I’m pushing up Grimm & Frida first.

EDIT: Also, with 4* being the backbone of the game, it isn’t unusual to have 4* heroes situationally mixed in an attack on 5* defenses.

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I raised him a while ago and was unsure about him as he has pretty low attack and not a huge modifier. That said I used him in war as soon as I saw a defender that had 2 minion creators , delilah tank and mn on a wing. Now his low modifier and attack went out the window when he fired as he killed 4 minion and hit 5 times. He was easily the star of that battle and was awesome.

That said that is still the only time I have found him useful. He is very strong within a very tiny niche and yes can be useful against strong pure 5* teams but his niche is still very small and not sure he would be worth raising unless you already had a deep bench

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Druid class ( 2* to 5* ) produce minions.

It is sad that none of CoD class quests include Druid bosses.


Also Winter seasonal event bosses ( blue also strong versus Santa and Rudolph), Wonderland ( blue also strong versus Queen of Hearts )/ Grimforest ( blue also strong versus Red Hood ) challenge event bosses produce minions.

Teams of 4* heroes can complete them.


CoD has the second highest defense stat of a blue 4* hero.

CoD is also a Paladin which gets very good increases in DEF/ HP.

A CoD 4*+18 or +20 would be very well matched against a 5* 4.80 hero.

Not true, Sonya has way higher Def than him and she’s paladin too.

Now that we’re 3 months on, do you find yourself using him with any regularity?


Maybe I can clear that up…


Yeah, would like to see @Kerridoc fair response to that.
I just pulled him this event!

Compared to Gobbler, CoD appeared strong against many minion spinning machines

Class advantage - Paladin, stronger defense, slightly weak attack.
Ice, blue strong color against minion spinning fire heroes ( QoH, RedHood, Santa, red druids thorn minions spinners like Zim etc); Gobbler druid - nature, high attack, weak defense, hence extremely weak against those listed.

Delilah, Thoth…neutral color, Gobbler high attack would probably play out., if he doesn’t die from other sources, but Cod higher def should hold. So 50-50.

Buddy and low % Thorn minions from Green druids…probably Gob, druid also makes him a potential minion spinner, may have been better in monk class!

On average, I will tilt towards CoD.

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Am I missing something here?
CoD- 680 Def
Sonya- 731 Def
How is CoD the 2nd highest blue def for 4*?

He’s not, both Boril and Sonya’s defenses are higher. But no one else’s is, so he’s third.

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CoD isn’t a good hero—he’s a pretty good event boss, but not a particularly useful hero. I maxed him because, well, I thought he might have a place in some specialized situations. The trouble:

  • Most minion-casters are 5*, and CoD is out of his depth. Sure, emblems could fix that, but emblems on CoD? Maybe around 2034.
  • Buddy is the sole 4* minion-caster (aside from ranger’s thorns), and he’s green, CoD’s weak color.
  • CoD will usually NOT clear all the minions. Gobbler, at least, will (if he lives long enough)

So, CoD is not worthwhile unless you’re really strapped for things to do eith wsrm capes and feeders.


Thanks for the answer! That was kind of my fear. Cheshire Cat likewise looks not to have distinguished itself in ongoing testing. The Wonderland 4* appear to be fun ideas that just don’t quite come together.


Apologies. Not going to lie, I completely forgot Boril was a thing.

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I use him regularly in wars, if healers sustained in a corner or against multiple yellows. He is able to support a dark stack, but more fun than must have.

Situations where his special kicks in for a big change are extremely rare.

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If CoD was a poor man’s misandra with slightly better Def than 680, he can be a pretty good niche character in diamond. But still a support character, who punishes teams or druid enemies that rely on minions by boosting mana with every hit for his teammates. But right now too much of a novelty character for me to really want it

the correct answer is: Zero. None. his attack is so weak it won’t kill anything. I maxed one to try him out and he’s weak.

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I still let my CoD 3/60 was thought his attack just to~ so so… after done agwe I’ll work on him again.

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