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I have MN minions on all heroes, he attack 3 heroes and one of the again, maybe case or his mechanic

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He attacks one. If they have one or more minions, he randomly attacks another target and if they have one or more minions too, he attacks another one. If RNG is in you favor he might hit all 5 opponents in a pvp.


lol, cascade minion attack


If some have multiple minions, he may attack more than 5x? I think I’ll start lvling him for Delilahs and Xmas obese heroes.


He looks a little like 4* Misandra IMO, but he need minions summoning enemy

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As long as I understand, if all opposite heroes have one minion when you cast his special, you can hit from

  • 1 hero twice (the first time it removes the minion and hits, then the second hit randomly landed in the same hero, who no longer has a minion, thus ending the special)
  • 6 hits to 5 heroes (best case scenario, the special will keep jumping from one hero with a minion to another one with a minion, being the 6th hit obviously to any hero, since they are all without minions anymore, thus ending the special there)

correct judegement :slight_smile: but happens so fast you cant keep up

and my red hood minions heal each so slow that the titan escapes by making the user to be bored by it taking so long @Petri - fix that issue pls

As far as I can tell, Captain is better when 3-5 enemies have minions because he removes minions and then does damage and then jumps. So against heroes with minions all allies or nearby allies. He seems to be tailor made to counter Queen of Hearts. Luckily Druid’s thorn minions form at end of turn or hits could, theoretically, just keep going against a single boss with Thorn minion talent.

Gobbler is better when 1-3 enemies have minions because he does damage, then eats minions and heals based on surviving minions. So against heroes with self minions ( looking at you Druid class ) or nearby allies.


got my answer. can be moved if needed. ty all

Are we sure this scenario is possible? The text says: “Attacks randomly a new target if any minions were destroyed.” (emphasis mine)

So that would lead me to believe that the attack can’t jump to the same target immediately. And if that holds true, then If ALL enemies have minions, then this special is going to hit at least three times, and very likely more. :slight_smile:

If someone has tested this in beta and can contradict, please do so.

I think guys got it wrong here,he special says he steal all “dispelable” buffs,by that i understand some buffs like element link heals and stuff so…i dont consider him OP

I used Santa in the event, and when he attacked me it did not remove all minions like card states. Is this just the boss, and is different when you use him?

@rogerdeath It sounds like you are talking about Hatter… different thread for that one.

@poopcorn If Capt of Diamonds hits a target that has minions, it removes all minions from that target - and if he does so, then he randomly hits another target… and if that target has minions, it will remove them… and so on. If you’re lucky and it randomly happens to keep moving to other targets who have minions, it could potentially clear the whole enemy board of minions, though at a certain point he is likely to just hit a target that has already had minions cleared, and that will end his attack. Still, multiple hits are likely, especially if the board is full of them.


Yea your right mate cheers

Will Captain of Diamonds steal minions from more than one hero? His description says “attacks another hero”. I’m not sure of leveling him if he only kills 1 minion. With a chance to kill more he might be decent on the 5* minion creators.

@Chopper I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

Captain of Diamonds can indeed kill multiple Minions — in the right circumstances, and with some luck.

Here are some useful insights from the posts above:

That’s not how he works, AFAIK, CoD first removes the minions (killing them unconditionally), then hits, then jumps to random target like Misandra if during step 1 any minions were removed, and repeats the cycle.

So if you target a hero with a minion, there will be at least 2 hits. If you target a hero without minion, it is guaranteed to have only 1 hit.


You are right—I stand corrected.

I’m not sure this is correct… The special says if he kills a minion, he randomly attacks a NEW target… Therefore not the same target, so if all enemy have minions, he hits first, then hits a random NEW target, who also has to have a minion (NEW target so not the same as the one he just hit), so would then hit a 3rd target (Who may/may not have a minion as i assume he can re-hit the target he hit first…
Therefore if all enemy have minions, he will hit a minimum of 3, not 2… unless I’m reading the special wrong…
Therefore if all enemy have minions he will hit at least 3 times and have a 50% chance to hit 4

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