Capability to filter by team

I use to organize my team by their purpose: example team for Titan, Defense, Attack etc … One of the team being dedicated to group the heroes I’m currently leveling up.
Would be nice if in the “Edit Team” panel, there was an option to be able to filter in/out teams. For example I only want to show the heroes defined in team #6, in addition to all non-assigned heroes. This would certainly facilitate (selfish) my way of managing my teams…

On this, the easiest way of achieving what you want is to make your “Leveling Team” team #1. Then order the rest of your heroes by POWER.

That way the levelling heroes all appear at the top of your list :slight_smile:

Link to where I’ve talked about this before:
Extended or long term hero storage

Thanks, that’s a great tip / way of handling such filter request. Hopefully I won’t have a 2nd filter criteria :slight_smile:

I do not understand, it is already there… like this screenshot, if we are edit team 2.
There is team 2 info.

I prefer this idea with nice UI filter heroes, NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups.


That UI is definitely nicer.

I was merely pointing out that there are ways around it at present. It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

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