Cap on troops

Hi all. Is there a cap on the number of troops I can accumulate? I keep getting 1* and 2*, but can’t gather food fast enough to use them to train 3* and 4*.

I never really thought about it and I’ve never heard of one.

But what I can tell you is you can at least have 81 troops, as I’ve got that many blue.

My guess is there is no max.

Good to know. Thanks.

I don’t believe so. I once accumulated I think several hundred of them before grinding ham and feeding them all away so realistically it isn’t much of a problem even if there is one.

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Don’t know if it changed something with the updates, but for now i have 270 and i can keep going.

I have around thousand troops. Phone just freezes for 10 seconds when I want to switch troop.

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