🐼 Cao Cao – 5* Ice / Blue from War of the Three Kingdoms

Damn! Cape changes everything.


That would be satisfying being able to dispel ludwigs flanks without having to dispel him first.
But it would be disappointing if my minions all targeted an enemy hero without buffs.

Agree and I hope SGG continues putting more creativity and effort into releasing new skill mechanics. For me, one of the more enjoyable parts of the game is using a hero with new and effective skills.

No competitive player is going to use Cao Cao unless they buff him to average speed. Hopefully the devs release the 3k Fire 5* at average speed rather release another supposedly premier hero that is actually DOA.

Great review as always, and I agree with a lot of your points. For about 15 seconds I was modestly excited and thought he could be “hall of fame material” —- as you might say. But after 15 seconds, I started using my brain, thought about him some more, and definitely agree with your downgrade of him.

Not the worst hero and I’m sure he can be a decent hero for many, but he also didn’t catch the “power creep” bug like so many of the recently released heroes (ie diaochan, hulda, c-guardian panther, etc…)

While I appreciate Cao Cao has a relatively unique mechanic with the minions doing the dispel, I think the “prevent buffs for a number of turns” mechanic (such as with c-guardian panther) is ultimately more useful - at least in her case it targets all with the ailment so that avoids the problem of not being able to control the target for minion-dispel. And, in this day in age, with so many minion counters, the chances the minions last for a meaningful amount of time is nothing short of a bad gamble. So basically there are ways to make Cao Cao more useful (such as bringing another minion summoner), but without that level of high maintenance, I doubt his dispelling minions would last as long as c-guardians panther’s “3 turn buff immunity” - which also doesn’t require taking up a precious lineup spot with a necessary support hero.


There’s at least one player using him. He’s in the team sitting at the top of the raid leaderboard.

Love to get some feedback on him.

Buff Cao Caooooooooo

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I’m ascending him with the hope that they will buff him.

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good morning everyone, I saw cao cao in action, for me it is already good like this, certainly with a buff it would be great, but I think that already as it is now it does its duty, it is to be raised, especially in wars and fast mana tournaments it’s more than excellent, recover a board or so with mana and troop emblem at 29, raise it and it will give you the same satisfaction (there are 5 * heroes who are worse than cao cao), I would be happy to have it

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Happy Forumversary @titano :wink: enjoy your day!


Edit: I’m pleasantly surprised. They buffed him!

While I think Cao Cao is one of the worst w3k legendaries, I’d be surprised if they gave him a buff.

I feel like the developers purposely avoid having all legendaries be similar in strength for any given portal. They want a few to be much stronger than others - at least enough to entice players to pull. But they also want to dilute the legendary pool of heroes with weaker heroes as a way of indirectly lowering the odds of pulling something good.

I think starfall is a good example, faline was clearly one of the stronger starfall legendaries, yet she received a significant buff before other weaker heroes like theobald. And this reasoning is probably why SGG didn’t buff Jade when it’s clear she’s much weaker than cobalt/garnet/onyx.

In short, the worst heroes in a portal rarely get buffed when there are already strong enticing heroes in a portal.

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Cao Cao getting buffed to 330% damage is good, but not a fan of Defense Up on Slow heroes, generally seems redundant outside of Rush as so many enemies will fire and chip damage well before the Slow hero fires. Would have preferred they buffed the health of his minions. Oh well, a buff is a buff is a buff…


I have updated the OP with the latest balance updates.


I liked the changes, they made his minions sturdier with the extra DU. The extra damage to fire is redundant because would rather just deal more damage to all, so in good direction that they removed that. It’s rare that they replaced an entire skill during a hero balance

@OldCynic needs to reedit the Cao Cao review again. He is way better now

What path for him being an attack and minions hero?

Top class, right there with Liu bei and sun Quan. Family bonus from those 3 combined to c-freya and maeby pengi would make stupidly strong team.


Would prioritize defence and health

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100 pulls & still no sign of him, i’m so freaking mad

I have adjusted the family bonus with the balance changes.

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I just felt the need to give Cao Cao some love, since the buff I have LB and maxed him and he has become invaluable on both offense & even on defense. He currently resides on my defense team where he replaced Krampus/Krampus and easily keeps me holding 2750+ cups. He also finds a place in roughly 80% of my attack teams.

On offense when paired with cKrampus/M&M and Morel he can hit all for well over 800 damage each. His dispelling minions are the real heroes though, fire him off against dual taunt or dodge teams and sure he won’t do much damage, but next turn your other heroes can go to work and you’ve thrown up a defensive meat shield. I’ll even fire him off against counterattack teams, sure you risk losing him, but you also summoned up to four minions that will again allow your other heroes to go to work.

Yes he’s a slow hero, but with multiple W3K heroes and the family bonus (even with the family bonus nerf), mana or wizard troops it’s really not an issue. In fact I think his slow speed is somewhat beneficial in the sense that you can protect his minions behind others like Hulda’s or Liu Bei’s.

Is Cao an OP, must have, or game changing hero? No, but imo he is a top tier hero that can provide a lot of versatility to your attack teams (he often is a single color in my 2,2,1 team, which I run most often now since I also have an LB Diaochan, against minion heavy teams I’ll often swap him out for Eloise) especially if you have multiple W3K heroes. On defense he can be quite a pain, especially in rush wars. All in all, he’s a really solid hero that I am more than happy to have.