🐼 Cao Cao – 5* Ice / Blue from War of the Three Kingdoms

Damn! Cape changes everything.

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That would be satisfying being able to dispel ludwigs flanks without having to dispel him first.
But it would be disappointing if my minions all targeted an enemy hero without buffs.

Agree and I hope SGG continues putting more creativity and effort into releasing new skill mechanics. For me, one of the more enjoyable parts of the game is using a hero with new and effective skills.

No competitive player is going to use Cao Cao unless they buff him to average speed. Hopefully the devs release the 3k Fire 5* at average speed rather release another supposedly premier hero that is actually DOA.

Great review as always, and I agree with a lot of your points. For about 15 seconds I was modestly excited and thought he could be “hall of fame material” —- as you might say. But after 15 seconds, I started using my brain, thought about him some more, and definitely agree with your downgrade of him.

Not the worst hero and I’m sure he can be a decent hero for many, but he also didn’t catch the “power creep” bug like so many of the recently released heroes (ie diaochan, hulda, c-guardian panther, etc…)

While I appreciate Cao Cao has a relatively unique mechanic with the minions doing the dispel, I think the “prevent buffs for a number of turns” mechanic (such as with c-guardian panther) is ultimately more useful - at least in her case it targets all with the ailment so that avoids the problem of not being able to control the target for minion-dispel. And, in this day in age, with so many minion counters, the chances the minions last for a meaningful amount of time is nothing short of a bad gamble. So basically there are ways to make Cao Cao more useful (such as bringing another minion summoner), but without that level of high maintenance, I doubt his dispelling minions would last as long as c-guardians panther’s “3 turn buff immunity” - which also doesn’t require taking up a precious lineup spot with a necessary support hero.


There’s at least one player using him. He’s in the team sitting at the top of the raid leaderboard.

Love to get some feedback on him.

Buff Cao Caooooooooo