🐼 Cao Cao – 5* Ice / Blue from War of the Three Kingdoms

No, they just dispell once… this guy here dispells as long as there are his minions. So the arguments is not valid. Cao Cao can theoretically dispell forever, as long as there are other beefy minions covering his minions.


Throw him in beside a Hulda tank and you get her minions plus the mana buff! I would like to give that a test run!

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His minions aren’t even that beefy, plus you need to take another, faster minion maker to get the synergy you’re hoping for. If you took faster, offensive heroes who dealt damage, wouldn’t that be better? IDK. I just don’t think he fits my play style. The 4* that does the same thing at fast is, imo, more helpful.

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I’d probably pair him with Hulda/meilikki, motega pengi and xnolphod… And zhuge liang… And more often than not… I’d win.

Slow, don’t care. More than enough excellent slow heroes for rush already, this guy adds nothing.

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His minions are not beefy, but like every other hero he needs some complementary heroes to shine brightest. Your argument is still not valid :slight_smile: I can pair any monster of hero with heroes that don’t have a good synergy and still lose every raid. He has a unique skill and is reasonably fast.

With the recent buff, I had planned on using XHD, frosth diaochan and another hero to speed Cao.

Granted Cao is only 355 but I was able to get him to fast using lvl29 mana troops. Literally fire XHD and frosth and Cao was charged. Same when I fired diaochan freya

BUT his AOE is pretty meh. Yes I know he’s 355 but the point is his hit isn’t going to be lethal unless the defense is already weakened

I have 2 LB XHD so I already familiar with the minions but vs meta defense heroes, the minions died on any hits even with Freya’s defense up.

You’d think being able to get this hero charged faster would make a noticeable difference but it’s a disappointment.

FYI i was able to get Cao charged 3x between fast and average speed but at the cost of overwriting already healthy minions.

Maybe a different team setup would help but it’s a lot of trouble to get Cao to play like a good hero, as is now he’s pretty meh and certainly worse than his fast 4* general.

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Director Zuri

And so many others don’t require synergy at all, but are so good that teams are built around them to make other heroes better. You repeatedly saying my argument is invalid doesn’t inherently invalidate my argument BECAUSE my argument is subjective, based off of PERSONAL OPINION. I don’t agree with your assessment, but I agree that you should have it because your opinions are valid… to you.


W3K seems to be my lucky summons portal, after pulling five straight 5* from 5 coins last W3K event

I pulled Cao on my 3rd coin pull this event.

Blue isn’t my strongest color so he’ll like be ascended. Already have Lu Bu, Diao, and Guan Yu all LB. Still undecided on Zhang Fei, but Liu Bei is also being slowly ascended. Maybe next W3K they’ll release a red 5* and the Zhang will have to be ascended for a full rainbow W3K team.


managed to pull liu bei which i didn’t get but so hard to pull cao cao. in fact i pulled a 2nd liu bei after i ascended him… so fustrating… tried different combo like 10 pulls 30 pulls different lang etc… my 5 star team is only lacking him… argh

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Just want to know your opnions on the new character Cao Cao from the 3 kingdoms event. A slow mana hero with only 275% damage all skill is a bit under the average, don’t you think? I realise it has other skills (minions) but if so does LuBu (Fiends). In fact, I like Lu Bu’s Fiends skill better than Cao Cao’S minions skill. Lu Bu has 330% damage all plus Fiends. There is a big difference between 275% and 330% to me.
I really think that SG needs to reconsider this hero’s skill. What youse think?

dont agree… minions are very strong and debuff all turns and he have great passive skill and stats… overall just like it should be :+1:

Keep in mind Lu Bu was released at 290% damage before being buffed to 330%. Based on the recent trends (Lu Bu, Khufu, etc) I’d think Cao would definitely be in line for a damage buff, IF (and it’s a big if) he’s not being played very widely.

I wouldn’t count on that, and I’m also not saying it’s a reason to ascend him, it’s just something to keep in mind.

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I’ve tested him with some faster minions heroes and 2 family members. I can get him to charge at average speed but while on paper it would seem like a big advantage but in practice, every SS is not bad but not fatal either so he’s been more disappointing.

Test him with other heroes at 370 but for now, I’m not giving him scopes.

So his semi-beefy minions (would have expected straight beefy from slow speed) will dispel buffs from the target they hit.

So if the opposing heroes all have buffs but my minions only hit 1 target, the buffs won’t be dispelled from the other 4??? Cause, the way he’s being described makes it seem like I can expect all my enemy heroes to be dispelled if I have some minions.

At least he deals an elite-level of AOE direct damage commensurate with a slow hero.

…Cause no way he’d deal less damage than other recently released average speed or fast speed AOE heroes…especially ones also with great secondary and tertiary effects…

Kidding aside, I think Cao Cao is decent. In the way many hotms are decent.

And I think cao Cao is better than klaern.

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You are correct. His effect is similar to Bera where the minions have to hit, so it’s random. He’s really only great against buff heavy teams. If you’re looking for a specific hero to be debuffed, well, I wouldn’t count on it.

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If it is random… Cao Cao is bound to make people frustrated.

While I’m willing to give SGG the benefit of the doubt, it seems many are not when they complain about “an unbelievable number of consecutive revives” or “scripted bad boards when using mono attack teams”. “Random” is becoming another way to say “programmed to screw me over”.

On fast tournaments or wars, he should be amazing against those annoying taunters, especially Ludwig, because he can dispel the mana boost to Ludwig’s sides without even having to dispel Ludwig first.

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If Ludwig already fired, his flanks are going to have had one round of mana. In VF, that’s all it takes to lose. Also, in VF, the other heroes on your team have to be alive for them to get minions, right? What happens when CC is the only one left? Khufu, Alfrike, Gorseck, MN can make a comeback, can CC?

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Didn’t want to attack you in person, I just wanted to point out Cao Cao’s unique skill… Let’s agree to disagree in this respect, but I agree with your statement that almost all reviews, recommendations etc. are based on only one thing and that is rooster size and quality. If I have a Top 10 hero, he can and will make the whole team better… this guy here is not one of them, since he needs supportive heroes around him.