Can't win since update

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I can’t win on anything. I’ve spent 2 days training, leveling up and ascending, and still losing. Raids with lower team power, as well as the finding the material battles, even the easy ones that have 1200 power listed. It’s really taking the fun out of this game for me. So what’s the deal?

You’ve provided too little info to gain any insight into you’re complaint.

What’s your team power and which heroes do you use? What are their special skill levels? Can’t really tell how the update has affected you without these details at least.

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The way they’ve changed power ratings seem to have a biased weight toward higher rarity of heroes. A 3^ team of 4* heroes will have the same stats as a team of 2^ 5* team, but the 5* will show a MUCH higher power rating.

Suffice it say, I used to be able to kill teams with a power rating 400 higher than mine, now I struggle with anyone 150 higher than me. It’s a taken a long time to crawl back up to 2600 trophies for me.

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Thank you, thar seems to be my problem also, only I can’t even raid anymore, not even going to bother because I can’t even win against lower power ratings much less anyone even 50 above mine lol. It sucks when I was winning against stronger power teams and now can’t at all

I have stopped there is no point, I have the same issue at one time just before the update I was in the top 120 now I am in the top 500 and falling fast, I raided 30 times yesterday won 3 and only killed 25 heros, ■■■.
So as of this morning I said to hell with let others come raid me, maybe I will have better luck.

Well, maybe if you dump a few hundred dollars into the game you’ll start winning again.


I have already spent more than a few hundred dollars on this game.

Well spend even MORE money then! After all, that’s the devs plan… keep the big spenders spending! Oh, ya, and to obscenely reward non-spenders to try and convert them into spenders.


The new power rating is very simple. It is just the added power of every hero + percentage for troops. I can’t see how the number of stars affect the rating. Why look at the rating at all? If they would start rating healers lower than attackers for instance it would not change your chance of winning.

@Evan this is what I’ve been doing. They did make changes adding weight to higher rarity of heroes despite being similar in terms of stats. But, I’ve been looking at the team, rather than the rating, to make my judgments.

Ok, I don’t know of when or what change was made to give more strength to heroes with more stars but since you and many others have noticed this change you could very well be right. I’m personally against devs doing big changes to the game since it makes it difficult to make informed choices. Since I already have high star heroes in my team and usually attack others with high star heroes it makes sense that I haven’t noticed the changes you refer to.

Before the change, a 2^ 5* and a 3^ 4* were nearly identical in “power” they didn’t change their stats, they changed their power calculations. They were only about 4 or 5 apart in “power” but now they differ by about 30. (with the exception of Marjana, maybe because I haven’t maxed her special, not sure)

From @mhalttu

The new model tries to accomplish the best of both worlds. Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes all have a higher base Hero Power. This allows us to get the Team Power by summing up the Hero Powers, while still making sure that the Team Power takes the stronger heroes into account.

I hope this clears it up. :slight_smile:

How about this for insight... a 500 point Team Power advantage, 3 5 Star heroes and a pair of 4s, maxxed out, with troops in the level ten-ish range..... just lost to someone 6 levels below me, with only lvl 70 4 Star heroes and a troop level average of about 4.

If you have improved the team matching and battle algorithms with the most recent update, what purpose does the revenge attack serve? Why even have that variable?

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