Can't wait for Atlantis summon! (updated with summon result and new questions)

By the way, is Frida the supposed HOTM for March?

Not supposed. Definitely the March HOTM :slight_smile:

Good luck.
Nice read.

Oh really? Do we know what his/her special skill is?

Thank you, friend! Best of luck to you as well!

Here you go:

Welcome. Sometimes that works far better than math formulas. :wink:

Thank you so much! This is very helpful!

Hey lightsmessenger. Your screen name is familiar. We’re you in rando rant?

Don’t get your hope too high, it’s impossible to get any 4 to 5 star heroes at the summoning gates or on special events, I believe it’s rigged I have spent over $100 and I have only got 3 5 star heroes

Hello. Actually, I am playing with my cousin’s account. He used to play but had to quit due to work. I can ask if he was in rando rant. is that an alliance?

I understand the odds are really low, and I may only get 3-star heroes. But I am fully prepared to accept whatever summon result I get. But who knows! Maybe this time the goddess of fortune will smile upon us!

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If you spent $100 and got 3 5* heroes, you are doing dramatically better than the published odds. Most people would be thrilled to have done that well.

True, as F2P, we need to focus first on 3* heroes, I have been playing for 4.5 months, I currently have 9 4* 3/60 above and 25 maxed 3* heroes.

Those 3* heroes really help in low level alliance war, I have seen my alliance teammates who are C2P struggle to attack 6 times as they are to focused on 4/5* and neglect to raise their 3*.

They also help me fill the rooster for class trials, with carpet bombing, you can complete the last stage of the trials if you have at least a full team of 3* heroes. A lot of my C2P alliance teammates cannot complete the trials due to lack of usable heroes since they neglect to raise their 3*.

In any case, I hope @lightsmessenger can get Proteus/Wilbur. I don’t have Wilbur yet, but I got lucky using 100 atlantis coins last moth and got Proteus, at 3/60 he already help me complete legendary wonderland even when my theam only have 2900 power.

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Get going I’m at 605

Does someone with the countdown clock available have an exact start / open time?

25 hours and change…

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It’s not rigged, just random. I have five nearly maxed 4-stars, five more in various stages of work, and one 5-star. Admittedly 2 four-stars are from TC-13, the rest is all from various summons (mostly free tokens, saved up gems, and Atlantis coins). Very little was spent. (I bought some gems at the last special, and one offer at Atlantis, and something at Christmas, I believe.) Even got Rudolph at Christmas – not the best, but not complaining either…


I totally understand what you are saying. And I guess we had similar luck. The first 100 Atlantis coins gave me Wilbur. But, yes, all the best and hope you keep enjoying the game. For me it’s the interaction with my alliance which I truly enjoy and makes the grinding much more easier. :slightly_smiling_face:


My first 10x pull was a yellow one where I wanted Lu Xiu in the worst way. I ended up getting Wu Kong in that pull and was so upset I almost threw him away. Glad I didn’t. He’s now my best hero. Combined with Wilbur (who I pulled a little bit later) they make a devastating combination.