Can't use credit card or Google play gift card for offer

So, I was about to post in the other thread about the recent offer, but it was closed.

I have a Google play gift card and my normal debit card that are payment options in my play account, yet the only option I’m allowed in game is to use PayPal?

This has never happened before, and I checked my my Google account, which still says I have my Play balance and my credit debit card as payment options. I would like to use my gift card, but I’m not able to? Any ideas?

Is the offer greyed out?

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No. I selected the tabbard :frowning:

It literally only gives me the option of using PayPal.

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Oh well idk then

Is there anyway to show screenshots without showing any personal/private payment info?(guessin not so u may have to contact support which May get back to ya by the end of the month)

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Wouldn’t this be more of a Google Play issue? They are the ones that handle payments aren’t they?

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Lol! Yeah, I might try to post screenshots, but I’m not very sharp about that and wouldn’t trust myself to not do something stupid. I have a budget set on Google Play for $35 and I would have exceeded that. Thought that was it, so unchecked the budget.

I play gems of war through the same account, and all options are available there.

Thanks for responding, though. I appreciate you taking the time to do that. Guess they just won’t get my money for this. Which sucks for me, cause it’s a free gift card so wouldn’t have cost me diddly.

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I thought so, but my other game allows all my payment options through the same account. And I always use gift cards or my debit card in this game 🤷

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I know you’re on

Anyway this player can get some assistance without going through the automated system that wont help in time to get the offer??

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Thank you. Maybe I’ll contact Google Play and chat with their bots :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure it must be user error, though I feel like I’ve ruled that out, as I’ve done this like every month for a year.

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Seems like an issue from Google’s end.

This article might help:


Thank you for taking the time to look at this. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: no. It says to contact the developer after troubleshooting. And I have the feeling you guys don’t have time for this kind of stuff, and I was lucky to get a reply from you at all, so, thank you for that.


AFAIK the budget is only informational.

Good luck!


It is. I just thought maybe…

Nothing is working except PayPal. This is so weird. Google bots it is!

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Good luck and hope it gets straightened out.

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I just used PayPal, which sucks. But I hope I’ll have that card for next month’s budget. Thanks everyone who replied to me.

Google fixed it for me. Sorry. The thread can be closed.


Glad you got the issue resolved finally!

I’ll close the thread as requested. :slightly_smiling_face:


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