Can't Update to Version 26

Can’t update the gam any known issues? Game says update available when i go to play store there is no update and i can’t open the game.

There’s a new monthly game release out. Since you seem to have it already, that means your likely on Android. I’m not sure of the steps on Android, but in the Apple store I typically have to refresh the app update list before the E&P app shows as available to update.

Any Android users out there that can help with the steps?

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It takes a couple od days to get update all over the world… you are not missing anything right now :wink:

Edit: Im on android,CE location and it takes min a day to get the update…

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This might help:

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I’m having trouble updating to version 26 on my android phone. Google Play lists the last update as December 13, 2019, but my computer lists it as January 14, 2020 and that the game is installed in my account. How do I get the update?

@UndercoverOil10 The rollout is incremental, so sometimes different devices have it available at different times.

I don’t think there’s much you can do other than wait, unfortunately — but it’ll probably be listed on your phone by tomorrow.

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The last update took 7 days to go live after they announced the rollout. I have iOS so I’m just waiting for it to get to me. I’m excited for the Path of Valor…:nerd_face:

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Path of Valor hasn’t been out yet.

Even if you download the update to version 26, PoV won’t be there. We need to wait until it goes live.

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