Can't update to V29

Device: Honor 7
System: Android
Problem: after launching the game I have a message that a new update is available at Google Play but there is nothing to update, just open the app. Tried troubleshooting, clearing game cache, Google Play cache, reseting device, uninstalling any updates from Google Play Store, nothing helped. Anyone have some more ideas? :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem. No update available…

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Same for me… Can’t access the game

The bug was in google when this happened to me. Seems to be resolved as of today. Finally.

Good luck

A bug in Google play? I still don’t have version 29 available in Google play.


No update available for me either in Google Play Store, any belp?

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Updates are staggerd by Google & Apple stores.

Some regions get updates earlier than others. Only thing is to wait.

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Not accessing the game is a bug vs not seeing update. Worst case there will be an update icon on your game page if you do not find it in a store

So it is a bug, can’t get pass the “New update” message".
@Guvnor let’s wait and see, thanks for the reply :wink:

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I was like that from the previous update. About 3 weeks. Thought it was r&p, but then tried to download a soduko app and same “waiting for download” msg came up.

BUT when game taking money from us there is no deley ■■■ this crap.


yeah … it says theres an update but when i go to the page to download it theres no update… and i cant get in to the game … it keeps telling me theres an update … like wtf ??? cant update and cant play either wtf ?

I can’t get 29 from the IOS APP store either
How to solve?

I updated to 29 this morning, now it’s no longer in the playstore. It’s been rolled back to 28. Maybe there were bugs that needed fixing. I’m able to login though. Everything seems okay so far.

Me and my son are playing. Both on Galaxy S9, Android 10
I have the same problem as others not accessing the game that is requiring an update when no update is available on Play Store.
My son did update and all is ok.
So same region (we live together) but different update timing
How can the game restricting access due to an aupdate that is not available?


Again, it’s not SGG that stagger the rollout but the app stores.


I had to uninstall all my apps this morning for a device reset, and am now having issues with the reinstall.
My Google Play is still showing Empires V28.1, which is fine; I can wait for the update to become available in my region.

Problem is when I open the app it force redirects me to the Google Play page for an update, which is not available. Now I’m basically locked out of the game, and I still haven’t had a chance to finish the last level of Frostmarch for the scope.

Any way to get rid of that force redirect so I can at least get into the game?

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I can update. However when the game attempts to load this happens: (I’m using an iPhone 10 running IOS 13.4)

well, as I eagerly wait for the update, all in my alliance are already getting it before me. They may be finished with the Stronghold uplevel before my update will come. Anybody else in the world having the same problem and share a mimimimi with me?

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Do you use Android or iOS.

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