Can't update to the latest version

At the game’s start page I have notification pop-up about new version and update button.
When I click this button I was redirected to E&P page in AppStore. However only “Open” option is available here, there is no possibility to update. My device - iPhone 6, IOS v11

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Same problem here, do any developers actually read these comments?

Found this on their website, fixed my issue:

If you cannot update after the game redirects you to the App Store (update is unavailable), please follow these steps and you should be able to update:

Close the game by double tapping the home button and closing the game by swiping it up
Open the App Store and go to the Updates tab
Swipe down to refresh the list. You should now see the Update button next to Empires & Puzzles app. Tap the button to update your game.

This resolved my issue

Thank you!
It did help.

I have this same problem on iOS 11 on Iphon 6S snd Ipad PRO and nothins works ??? HELP

Sorted me out too, thank you

Did you get sorted? :thinking:

Yes I did thank you :sunglasses:

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