Can't update due to blocking ads


You really need to solve this ads problem. You can’t even update with the ads blocking it now


That’s horrible. Hope the fix is in real quick

Agree they need to fix that but you can just go direct to your app store to update the game. The implication you cannot update at all is just wrong. Change to “can’t update in-game”.

You’re missing the point, it should be accessible no matter what. It’s more about the awful ads that are flooding the main screen over the inability to update as well. And I also don’t want the excuse of them to say wait for the ad to expire. This is a basic function and if I have to personally go to the app store to update, something is very wrong with this scene


I am guessing, somewhere in TOS, it says SG can fill the screen with ads if they want, and hide the update button, just to tease you… we agreed to all that, when we installed and started playing the game :smiley:

But may be I am wrong…

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If the point is for ads covering the screen we have plenty of people being vocal on that - and rightly so. There is no excusing it, they absolutely need to change the update button behaviour, but also limit the ads. Full disclosure I completely agree with you, I’m just pointing out you have an alternate way of doing it as it sounded like you didn’t know how to update the game in this instance.

I really don’t mind you pointing it out, but I say this politely, that kind of point seems pointless to me…
Because guess what, you can still update in game… (Go to quests screen)
and there is no end to someone pointing out many ways of interacting with the game…
OP doesn’t need to hire a lawyer to make it technically most accurate…
We all, including you, get the gist of the issue… and I do think it should be left at that…

An ad expired so now it could be updated. But it’s not an excuse like I mentioned

I imagine, somewhere in TOS -
User / Player shall be responsible for keeping the game up to date.
Failure to do so may result in losing access to the game, and SG will not be liable for the same.
As a great service to the user / player, we shall hide an update button somewhere in the game, and user can try to find and click it. This great service is free of charge, and option to update from app store exists, hence any complains of it not working shall be ignored. By agreeing to this TOS, you agree to give up on all common sense, (because common sense is not legally necessary - duhh).

as some p2p players say: “you all f2p should thank the p2p that the game still stands and you can play it”

same stands here too, imo; it’s a necessary ‘evil’/offers flood

a workaround can be to go to Map and the update button is ‘freed’

I propose the space from the titan mission chest up be used for stronghold purposes, while from that line down, the screen space be reserved for offers promotions, deals and other useful stuff. Players are not here for sight seeing, they don’t need to have an ansamble view of the base… or they should pay for such extravaganza, at least…

Go to the map screen and its easy to see