Can't update, can't access game

Hello there
Quick question… one of our alliance members trashed his phone. Recently got him a new one… installed the game,he logged in but can’t acces the game because he needs to update. When he goes to the Play Store E&P doesnt show the option to update.
Is it just bad luck because he logged in during the rollout of the new update ans has to wait until its available for him or might something else be the problem? Thnx :wink:

I know this happened earlier and was fixed, although there are different users now experiencing connection issues.

Perhaps newer complaints could be Merged here @Garanwyn @zephyr1 @Kerridoc

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I don’t think this is a connection issue in this particular thread. Looks more like a “single account multiple devices” problem, since the old phone appears to have the update available but the new phone doesnt.

But I agree that the fixed issue thread shouldn’t be getting new reports in it. I’ll edit the title.


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