Can't train any recruits into heroes in my TC13, running at TC1

As of early this a.m. (April 23, 2020), when I go to my TC13, which I am running as a TC1, the only thing I can do is collect heroes. The COLLECT button at the bottom says I have 356 heroes (I had 372 when I first went in). I collected 18, but it’s still not letting me train recruits. Is there a limit of the number of heroes that can sit in the TCs? Don’t remember seeing this issue. I let the TC run down to 0 recruits to train, is this the issue?


Unfortunately not a bug. If the Training Timer runs alllll the way to 0, you have to collect EVERYTHING before you can restart or add more training.

Thread requesting this to change:


Ok, thanks. Now that I think about it, maybe I have seen this comment before. I just turned my TC13 into a TC1 a week or so ago, after perusing articles on here, and there may have been a caveat that your comment is triggering in my memory.

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