Can't talk about beta stuff on here?


OMG SGG listened to beta testers and forum people and made appropriate changes. Hell hath frozen over.

PS - I’m a beta tester and they are listening to all this commotion here and feedback from beta testers and making solid changes. And of course am being sarcastic with the first sentence.


So season 2 is coming. Someone could tell us if there were some plan to bring 5* heroes near HOTM’s level “stats wise” or we’ll only see special’s adjustments?


Well your verse is the most enjoyable thing l have found about season 2.
Yes, l am in beta. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you want to hear. HotM have very similar stats to TC20 heroes. It’s the nature of their special attacks that skews HotM towards greatness. About. season 2: with the current team only one, Tarlak, is an ”A” hero, or maybe A-


More ATK oriented ones: (mainly for Thorne and Elkanen)
I heard that Elkanen were getting a +specia% buff and I were pondering if a ATK raise could have been better instead of it: +ATK would increase his special and tile damage.


Remember that any stat adjustment doesn’t come for free. If ATK goes up, DEF and/or HP go down.


It is known if atlantis invocations still cost 400 gems? I hope not, I find it a fairly expensive game to increase more value to possibly receive nothing in return. Also if the heroes have been polished and no longer excel, because they pay more for them? For me it is one of the main problems to address


Yes, but even if you lower Elkanen’s HP it will still gain it back as long as he’ll be able to cast his special!


Currently in beta the atlantis summons has been reduced to 350 per summon, which I think is fair for what it’s offering. And there’s more ways to gain the Atlantis tokens than previously thought. An alliance member did the update today and got 20 from his holy chest! :smile: We’ll have to see if there’s changes to that in 9 days when S2 officially releases.


Is it fair for what it offers? can offer you a Valen or a Jahanguir. But I understand that you say it for the new heroes, so I understand that they are still much better than the rest. So unless you have a luck hallucinating calling with the coins you get, the gap opens more F2P and P2W, nothing has changed practically …


Wow 20 is great. I got 5 Atlantis Coins from green chest today


I have a question about Atlantis 30 pull. Every 10 pulls we will get AM chest. If doing 30 pull what is happening? Still 1 or 30/10 what means 3? Should be 3 but I just would like to hear confirmation.


The wording on the Atlantis summons does state that the Atlanteans and the Featured Heroes (old heroes of the month) are three times as likely to be summoned than the season one heroes of the same rarity.

so if you pull a 4* hero, there’s a 3x chance that it will be atlantean.
If you get lucky and pull a 5* hero, there’s a 3x chance that it will be one of the featured 5* atlantean or old heroes of the month.

So at least we’ve better chances of pulling the new heroes.


Looking at the beta, you can fill the bonus ascension item chest by doing atlantis summons up to ?? times for each cycle of the Atlantis summons. (The Atlantis Summons cycle - so after a period of time we’ll have different featured heroes). If you have a partially filled chest it will roll over as is into the next cycle of the Atlantis Summon.

(I’ve seen screenshots of different numbers of chests total, and it has changed as beta has developed. And there’s always a chance of more changes before beta is 100% launched)


Even bigger gap between f2p and p2w. Sounds great…not only will the pay players get all the new heros much sooner and faster than free players but they’ll get the mats to go with them. And no one sees this as a problem?


@ThatGuy. I’m f2p and wouldn’t expect anything different. If someone pays, they should get more. Don’t see an issue here.

It’s one thing to complain about a drop rate. It’s another thing to say people that pay shouldn’t get an advantage.

I usually stay around 2,200 cups +/- 100 and a 3,475 power team. I compete just fine. I’m not top 100, but I compete just fine.


P2w had small advantages already. We paid for summons instead of waiting on tc 20, we bought offers that included mats. You want that advantage to be increased further? You’re relatively competitve right now and you think p2w players being able to basically buy heros and mats willy nilly won’t have any effect on that?


By the way I am a p2w player. I cant count how much I’ve spent on the game in the past year.

But it was nice seeing some of my f2p or low cost teammates being able to relatively keep up through active and strategic gameplay even though i had a slight edge since i bought summons and mats.

They still got some of the heros for free that i bought, along with some of the mats(especially since mats can’t be purchased daily but now that will change)

But that was due to the balance of rng. If devs openly increase the odds for these new heros, old hotm, and give away mats for every x amount of dollars spent then that balance swings waaayyy towards the p2w side to the point that a lot of alliances will become either 100% p2w members or 100% f2p members due to the f2p not being able to even relatively keep up.

Hope this explains my train of thought better.


Hi all

Just finished watching the youtube clip on S2. Looks nice and I can see a lot of thought has been put into it and can’t wait for it to start.

The new heros look kickass and the options to get them look fair.

I am only a casual spender with yearly VIP PASS and have no complaints what so ever about the differences between p2w and f2p players as p2w pay thier way to get ahead faster so good on them.

What’s important is that f2p players do have a chance of being able to achive the same results of cause at a much slower rate which is understandable.

My remarks have never been agaidt p2w players getting more but instead making items more accessible via other or more options weather it he through the game or purchasing. Have no problems with the game itself or players weather they be either.

But yea S2 looks great.

Well done guys


If you get an advantage to pay that is precisely what defines a P2W game, which is different than advancing faster than “supposed” is the only deference of a game that says NOT to be P2W, which is not so clear . I do not know if you have seen the heroes, and this case having them is a clear advantage, they are heroes that will make a good difference.