Can't talk about beta stuff on here?

Thanks for that clarification. A general price rise to all summons would be unwelcome, but an additional purchase option with more potential results isn’t unreasonable.


So are the heroes on the youtube video from new regular heroes or just heroes from a new event?

in terms of nerfs in beta Guinevere and Zeline are on the table with healing reduction and attack power reduction reduced from 35% . Some toher heroes are getting buffed like bosswolf.

another question, if there are new regular heroes, can they still be given on TC20, or are these new ones just available through summons?

I was saving gems for next event to get guin…but when she will be nerfed and new Heroes are much stronger it is not worth☹

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Was going to make multiple pulls during Avalon hoping for Guinevere. Now she’s being nerfed so I’m sure to get her

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Nerfed from what to 35%?

Cool. Could we at least get some compelling dialog with this cash grab? Or is it just going to be:

Good guys- “WE DO THE THING!!”

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I’m excited for what I’ve seen so far.

In the past most Nerfing or buffing of heroes didn’t have a huge effect imo. Athena was nerfed and is still considered awesome.

I’m really happy that they’re re-releasing 2 HOTMs during the event. Hopefully the odds are fair.

I’d be really really surprised if Guin is no longer considered top tank after a slight nerf.

Uhm, fair to who?

If the odds aren’t worse than the odds of getting the current HotM, it really isn’t fair to people who got them the the first time around.

And if the odds don’t make it effectively more expensive to have a good shot at getting one, it isn’t fair to small giant’s business model :roll_eyes:

Or did you mean good odds for you to get them cheaply? :smile:

My quick thumbnail guess is that it will be the first two…I never expected a means for getting prior HotM to be anywhere near my budget.

Heck, I thought my budget was one that would make getting the current HotM a challenge. (My budget for this game snuck up past what I thought it was, somewhere along the way; I think it is going to go back to its prior state)

I didn’t ask for season 2 stuff. I asked for heroes. People are going to spend huge money to get some heroes and month later these heroes will be nerfed. Or I want some particular hero but actually better hero is coming. You know about this hero, I don’t know. Just examples, not facts.

I think SG has to allow to post beta heroes pictures if they think that they are fair and treat all people equally. Nobody or all have to know information about new heroes or planned changes to current heroes.


Primarily for me to get them all and cheaply :rofl::rofl:

I don’t think it’s unfair to make them at least equal to what they were originally.

Many top players tried and failed to get some of them. Also having to wait over a year for an opportunity to get them is a big enough penalty for missing them the first time around.

I’m not going to argue fair or unfair with you. :smile:

I will say that what you are hoping for seems both very unlikely and doesn’t seem to match my guess on the mechanics of what I saw in the beta video.

But it is beta and things will change quite a bit from beta to what is released.


Does this mean I may ask for information on this stuff? I never saw the videos/screenshots that many others seem to have seen and getting this half-information is driving me nuts. If it isn’t okay, when will I be allowed to ask for some information? I like to plan ahead and this ascension item chest thing is intriguing . . . though I know absolutely nothing about it (which is why I’m going crazy).

It’s super-exciting!

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Not if you’re left in the dark…

You may ask, we can talk about the things in Beta, they just asked for the images and videos not to be posted.

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Yes, Yoohoo… let our silver tongues paint vibrant pictures for you :paintbrush:

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Ok talk about… in the video there is a new summon point. This is where the new characters, old characters, and past hotm are they are 400 gems a pull with a pricey 30x pull. You can also get coins for the pull which is found in the lvls… 23 new lvls in total (you only get the coins the 1st time you play the lvl). The elemental and normal pulls are still available

… it all begins in an ancient land… the ancient land of ANTLANTIS!!!

Here you may meet curious creatures. Some are from the beach, and others are from the sea itself. Still others appear to be from Japanese forests…

I believe there are 17 of these mysterious heroes to be found. Some act a bit like Hel. Others act like a 4 or 5 star Gunnar. The blue tank almost reminds me of a blue Ares…

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