Can't talk about beta stuff on here?

Yes - we have notified the testers!


Should update the form rules as well IMO.

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What about discussions about beta stuff without screenshots? I find this stuff really interesting to discuss/speculate about, but I don’t want to get in trouble here in the forums.

Aside: It appears that this particular cat is way far out of the bag, at least in other places people discuss E&P.

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Will news concerning beta tests comunicated on news subforum to non beta users before they’ll be implemented? We could appreciate that very much :blush:

Like “upcoming beta test” to not let us groping in the dark?

Hero’s balance (X hero, Y hero, Z hero)
New quest (X quest, Y quest, Z quest)

Second season is testing

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Discussion is fine, it’s the screenshots and videos that we don’t allow to be shared without our permission as the beta is still very much work in progress and features are subject to change based on our findings and testers feedback.

We are looking into informing players about the Season 2 more once it’s closer to release. Hopefully we can open the beta applications soon as well.

Hope this helps to clarify the situation! We’ll also update our forum rules accordingly.


Thank you for the clarification @Petri

@Paulon, in the topic you mentioned hoping that summon prices weren’t increasing. I almost replied about that but the topic was first locked. From what I saw on that video, I think the prices are real, but I wouldn’t count it as an increase…

This is an “Atlantis Summon”, an option currently not available. It gives you access to a new suite of heroes (Presumably mostly stronger) and also access to some prior HoTM, which are currently impossible to obtain, therefore justifying the greater expense.

I suspect Elemental, Event, Epic Hero, Epic Troop, and Daily summons will be unchanged.

Even if their price remains the same, their value may be reduced in comparison to the new Atlantis summon, especially for top players who already have all the standard heroes they want, and many if not all of the event heroes they want too.

Your beta thoughts is about money… More money… 400 gems a summon, Good luck!!!


400 gems to give a shot at summoning hotm of the past? I’m in :slight_smile: few per month I think.


The $100 option looks viable. My budget had been 60, but once or twice a year upping my ante would just mean backing off a couple calendar buys. And the little ascension material chest thingy is intriguing.

Sorry, f2p players, but you are not going to like this from what this looks like. Unless, the "retired HotM are to be made tc20 trainable

Lol make it free for all when you can make tons of money by milking cashcows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hotm in tc20 - not happening :roll_eyes:

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I wouldn’t mind having to pay 400 gems for a summon if there were no 3 stars or if the odds were shown and real good, like 50/30/20.

But paying 400 for an 80+ percent chance of Bane and friends, no can do, even with thr ~chance~ of previous HOTM.


I think it is not fair that beta testers can not show screens from new heroes, HOTMs and all news related to new heroes. I’m a customer and I would like to plan my things. Business is business, I do understand it. But with your attitude you can loose customers. Beta testers have huge advantage now, they know exactly when to spend money and when to hold. But rest of us p2w idiots (including me) spending lot of money but actually could wait and spend bit smarter. Most likely next month is my last month when I’m going to spend money for summons. If you don’t respect your customers then I don’t respect your pocket. Not happy customer, that is it.


If you notice there is also an ascension chest. So there is more to it than just a simple increase.

The reason for it is that for a large release like this, what’s in beta now is most likely going to SUBSTANTIALLY change by septemer. It’s nowhere close to its final form. I wouldn’t even call it beta like a normal month, i’d call it pre-pre-alpha.

As someone who works for a software/hardware company, what goes out to beta programs that all customers/account teams can apply for is something that’s already been through the ringer a bunch of times. Season 2 is more of a concept thrown together. My company does that too - shows a small handful of top, highly engaged customers the first pass at a code or product. Then after several iterations of that, then it goes into general beta.

That’s what we’ve got here - a release that needs TLC from dedicated players to give feedback (both payers and f2p) before it goes to general beta/let everyone see it.

And to head off any elite-paying whines, for the record, it’s most of the biggest spenders I know that are advocating on beta against pay to win setups and arguing for more generous dropping of ascension materials, training camp hero expansion, etc.


I looked at one of the videos of fighting a map level. It looks like this summon can also be paid for with coins earned each time you make it through the map levels, 'tho you will only get something like 3-5 of them that way.

A bit pointless to delete beta content here when you can see it in some videos on YouTube.

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Thanks for that clarification. A general price rise to all summons would be unwelcome, but an additional purchase option with more potential results isn’t unreasonable.


So are the heroes on the youtube video from new regular heroes or just heroes from a new event?

in terms of nerfs in beta Guinevere and Zeline are on the table with healing reduction and attack power reduction reduced from 35% . Some toher heroes are getting buffed like bosswolf.

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