Can't talk about beta stuff on here?


Lol i can’t believe some of the stuff i read


I don’t see Panther much but I see Guin and I can beat her. Just yesterday I faced a 4136 power team with my 3475 and won - no heroes dead. That’s not the norm but shows it can be done. I get enjoyment out of playing the strategy game.


It’s just a differing opinion. I’ve played p2w games before (ie mobile strike). There is a significant difference between this game and that one. I’ve spent in games before and likely will do again. Last one ended poorly (my fault - aligned myself with the wrong alliance) so am cautious to do that again. I want to make sure I can focus time and money on family and other things. Im in a mid alliance beating 8* titans consistently and sometimes 9*. I consider myself a mid player. No concerns.

By the way, I personally don’t like the randomness of obtaining heroes. If you paid a certain amount for XX gems and were guaranteed a hero, I’d be more open to paying. I don’t like the “spend hundreds and maybe you’ll get a prize” approach. That’s just a personal opinion. Just not my style. I would feel like a bad parent if I spend say $100 for nothing when I could do something with the family. Heck, it doesn’t need to even be as high as $100. Different people have different priorities and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll continue to pass on the gambling approach of this game but to each their own. And if somebody wants to gamble and wins big, good for them - I just hope they have a good life balance.


I know there are games that drive a bigger p2w bus than E&P. But i dont want to see E&P head further in that direction. I remember what the game was and i see what it’s becoming and i remember when there was a happy medium between the two but change is inevitable


I can see your point there and imagine spenders will get the initial hero count boost. This is only speculation but I bet the ascension chest is something like after you fill it maybe it doesn’t reset until the next month Atlantis summon. So the items would still be fairly limited. If you can do 300 summons and fill who knows how many diff chests day 1…then it would create that massive gap.


I hope it works that way but that would put a spending cap for some whales so I doubt SG has that in the plans


But then they offer up those sweet ascension packs :wink: look at last event right before release, people went all in to get Guin. And that’s knowing new heroes are weeks away. They will spend.


True, i only buy the ascension packs these days. Specifically every saturday during events


Abrirán más cupos en beta?


I tried to find any rule that beta testers can not share beta stuff but there is no such rule. At least I can not find. Original restriction was for Season 2. Ok fine. BUT. Why beta testers still saying that they can not share info about beta stuff? Where is that rule? Do not show me some mystic post but rule. Forum guidelines says opposite that any E&P related stuff (including pictures and videos) is welcome.

@Petri @Sara @Rook


It is a beta rule - there is no reason to publish it in the general guidelines, because it is not intended for general forum. And the original restriction did not mention Season 2 - it refers to all beta content.


Where I can find beta rules? Would like to read them.


beta rules apply to beta testers - you would have to be accepted into beta first


You don’t understand my point. I’m not in beta and that means I can post any picture and video from beta here (if I can get some from somewhere). It is allowed. There is no single rule in this forum that I can not do it. Ask any lawyer if you don’t believe me.

I can not breach a rule what does not exit for general public.


Well, no, I don’t think so …

… or perhaps more explicitly: “By transmitting or submitting any User Content while using the Service, you affirm, represent and warrant that such transmission or submission (a) is accurate and not confidential; (b) is not in violation of any laws, contractual restrictions

Neither is beta specific, but I think either covers the beta case.


Pirated content? Seriously?

Read my post again, I can not violate rules if such rules are not available for general public. They do not exist for us who are not in beta. Maybe beta stuff is secret stuff, maybe not. How can I know? Because you told me? Only written laws, rules matter. This is the reason why I asked to show me the rule why we can not post beta stuff here.


Yes, seriously. This is content that the uploaders have no right to give you access to. Piracy is not only of the “high seas” kind.

By reading this thread?


It means nothing, it is his personal opinion, nothing else. And he said that to beta tester as reminder.

If some politicians will say that hamburgers are forbidden. Are hamburgers forbidden after they said it? Answer is no. Same here. What is not written in rules is allowed. Simple.

What you think is your personal opinion. Facts are what matters. Beta rules? Do they really exist? Where I can read them? What rule I violated and why? Do you have clear answers to these questions without any “I think”? You don’t have.

That is the thing SG is very poor in legal stuff. There are no clear rules what is and what is not allowed if we talk about beta stuff. I have nothing against you or any other person SG is the one who actually fails. Historically their weakest side is communication. We had so many useless talks and “fights” only because SG is not able to comment stuff and/or make clear guidelines/rules.


I’m closing this topic, as defined in the forum rules, we don’t debate our moderation decisions. Beta testers have been notified earlier that sharing beta content (images and videos) is not allowed without our permission.

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