Can't summon


Hello. I can’t seem to summon new heroes at all and some buttons are missing at the bottom of my screen. Ive tried reinstalling but no luck. Even after 24hrs I get a new summon but I keep summoning the same hero over and over.


If you’re missing buttons I’d submit a ticket. As to summoning the same hero over and over it could be bad luck. How many times in a row have you summoned the same hero? I know I’ve summoned same hero twice in a row many times, but not sure if Ive ever done 3 in a row. If youve done 4 or nore, the odds would be really loe and possibly indicative of an issue especially since you’re missing buttons


Yup its same hero everytime for every tier of summon lol. And yes missing buttons.


On the odd chance you are still having issues:


In-Game: Go to Main Screen, click Menu > Options > About > Support