Can't Set War Defense for First War after Level 12 [SOLVED: War Tutorial is available after matchmaking for War ends and preparation phase begins]

Alliance is Not Addicted. Player is MissSarge. She was unable to participate last war, but we thought it may have been that she just hit level 12 at the time. After war ended, we had her go set a defense but the button is grayed out and she can’t watch the tutorial. We also had her try to opt out, but it stated that she had to watch the tutorial. Need to add a button in there to watch the tutorial if it for some reason glitches, or remove the tutorial. A good alliance will help them along with this anyway. Please Help.

Are you sure if she have allowed participation in war? She must allow it before preparation phase.

Her only option is the OPT IN, which is already checked. She can’t uncheck it because she hasn’t watched the tutorial and we don’t see a way to trigger that. Now the war has started again and she will miss this one as well.

I may not be 100% accurate here but I THINK I read that a player has to wait until the war actually started because the tutorial needs the war active to show the player what to do.

I’ll tag a couple of moderators to confirm or offer advice.

@Kerridoc @zephyr1

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Ok, thanks if you fixed and thanks for comment if you didn’t. what happened is all the war stuff would do nothing, grayed out, couldn’t change opt in/out, couldn’t set defense team. Took Princess1 comment and had her log in. now that the war has started it ran her through the script, let her set defense and she is ready. sorry for the confusion. Think she is good now.


That’s my understanding as well. The Tutorial is available once matchmaking is over, and the War preparation phase begins.

Here’s an SGG Staff response about this on a similar thread:

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Being in the IT business myself. I would think that letting the folks, even if just under 12 set a defense would allow for better matchmaking. Even though they don’t do much damage at that level. Thanks Zephyr1.

You’re welcome!

War Matchmaking isn’t based on the War Defenses you’ve set at all, so that wouldn’t have any effect one way or the other.

War matches are based solely on the War Score, which includes:

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Good to know. Thanks Again!

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