Can't rush both my wanted mission boxes

The release notes say nothing about this new policy…

You can only rush (use gems to start a new wanted mission early) one wanted mission box per every ___. (I don’t know the policy because it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes)???

I like to keep my two boxes in sync. Always have. I use 2-4 gems per day to rush them together at either 54 minutes or 90 minutes, and then I play both at that time. 7 wins on Season 1 7-4, 5 raid wins, 2 raid tournament wins. Repeat in 11 hours. (Roughly) it’s fun to always do 4 boxes per day.

I don’t understand why the game added a new “can’t rush both boxes” rule. What the heck? It’s like they always say the want to add more quality of life improvements, but now they just introduced a “feature” that hurts quality of life. I hate the goblin balloon now. :slight_smile:

Change the policy please.

This isn’t a new thing.

Has been the case since forever.

Here’s my breakdown on the limitation in a previous thread:

Some previous threads on the topic:

plus many more…

So no, no change, no new feature, no new policy. Just the same old same old :slight_smile:


This is not at all new and I am surprised this is the first time you are running into this.

There is a limit to how often you can rush the wanted chests. Has always been that way.


I’m so stingy with the gems, I’ve never hit this limit. Good to know, though!

Thanks! I can not believe it just hit me the day goblin balloons came out.