Can't Revenge nonupdated attackers!

Why in the Nine Hells can nonupdated players attack but those of us who updated can’t revenge?

THIS IS REDICULOUS!!! There is an older thread that proves this has been happening for over a YEAR!!! Take our money but don’t solve our issues!!! What kind of business are you? I’m not great at coding but I’m sure it’s as simple as partitioning the different versions. Why do they get the benefit when we are the ones who update? I can think of all kinds of ways to suggestively enforce updating. Get on the ball already. You sit at a desk all day… do something. We, the customer (those who spend), are entirely fed up with your inability to solve simple issues quickly.

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Just download actualization

Given that you know there are other threads discussing, why did you start a new one? Everyone will update soon enough. If you haven’t, do so.

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