Can't remove account from Alliance [SOLVED: Elders must be removed by Co-Leader or Leader]

One of Our members was playing on his wife Phone without signing in Games Center. He wanted to use his Phone as the device to play and deleted the game from the first one. As expected, it didn’t go well and he couldn’t restore the a count from his wife Phone either ( he submited a ticket on this on his own). And nów to the problem. He created on his Phone an account with the exact name SalvadorDali and we can’t and join my Alliance, now we can’t remove his old account, we dont see any option to remove him as usual, So we have one slot blocked. Is there something we missed we can do?
My Alliance name is Pawel i Beata.

Usually, you can demote a player until they’re just a member, and kick them from the alliance. Are you saying this is not functioning correctly for you? What happens when you try to demote/kick?

I looked up your alliance, and both you and the “old” SalvadorDali account are Elders, so a Co-Leader or Leader will need to demote and kick that account. Another Elder like you won’t be able to.

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Omg I Just realised that, sorry for the racket :wink:

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No worries, glad it’s an easy solution! :slight_smile:

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