Can't raid top 100

So… This issue was discussed years ago and topic is closed, but bug still here. Why? Cz creating something payable more important than fixing bugs?

I think I’m interpreting the situation… and I don’t think that it’s a New one, nor an issue. You cannot “RAID” the top 100 but you can REVENGE them.

Where’s the bug there? Players in the top 100 can be attacked ONLY if they are offline. The only way you can attack them even if they are in the top 100 is if they are prone to revenge attacks.

Your screenshots are insufficient proof since the first one may have been taken when such player was in the top 100 while the second one may have been taken when the player was not anymore in the top 100 AND was online at that time. It only takes a few minutes of being offline to get from the top 100 to fall off from that group. There is also a scenario when I attacked a player (not revenging) gunning for his high trophies but initially failed and when doing another attempt, you cannot do so since he gets online before the second or third attempt was initiated. Happens some of the time in my experience. Been this way for years.

Okay. That’s interesting, cz I raid exclusively top 100. And I believe I raided them than they online. And I am pretty sure, I was raided than I am at 100. Though I won’t insist on that since I log in out, so they can start fight before I am back. So it feels like some inconsistency.
Anyway, thanks for explanation. I will look at that closely.

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