Can't Raid Specific Oppnent - Connection Error

Connection Error -
This can be caused by Using a Proxy

Please check network settings

Since last night, I’ve been unable to revenge raid a specific opponent. They are not online.
I can raid other opponents and play in raid tournaments.
Is this the Raid Shield effect, and it’s just tossing out an error instead of a message saying they are shielded?

If it is a raid shield it will display a message saying this:

“You cannot attack XYZ right now because they have an active Raid Shield. Reroll?”

Not sure on another reason why… Maybe try closing the app completely & reopening? Restart Phone? Clear Application Cache (only after syncing account with G-Play or Apple Account)?

Your prob right they shielded! Only really known people to use them is to get to no1.
Iv only ever seen this person is online.
Soo no idea if someone sheilded prob be an idea to put a sheild on them if they are.

Ok cool guvnor

Got raided can’t revenge

Seen the issue with before with people who aren’t in a alliance can’t raid people if they in alliance!?
@Guvnor any ideas?

Nope but I know i’ve raided people not in alliances before.

Yeah I’m always fine but that s/s just keeps coming up! :woman_shrugging:

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