Cant play any mission

Hi, there is a guy in my alliance that cant play any normal quest, he finish all of them, but cant re-play anyone again, is there a thing to get the main building to lvl 20 before end the game or something like that? He said that he can play special quest, dont know what to do.

I suppose he use missions to chose level. He should use map for choosing level.

Someone else complained of this and it turned out he was trying to access the missions through the mission banner NOT the map. I hate to state the obvious but is your player saying that he can’t open the MAP to any provinces?

Thanks, that solve the “problem”

It’s happen in my device right now since yesterday I can’t play in map, attack the other player and in titans. When I press attack it suddenly close the apps and sometimes it’s say there is an error communicating with the server. Please try again or contact customer support…

I was having this same issue. I uninstalled the game then reinstalled and as of right now it’s working fine. Whether it will last or not…we will see

So that didn’t last long. The game is freezing again and I can’t do raids at all :angry: