Can't Open Game Cause of no update in store

I can’t open the game cause no update option at play store. it repeatedly open store and back to game and can’t open the game.

They have not turned of version 26 support yet. You should still be able to open the game.

can’t I made a video but can’t post it

Try restarting your phone, I am still running version 26 also and having no problems.

I did I cleared the cache also

No clue, access here and submit a support ticket

thanks anyways for your ideas Wolfwarrior

I have the exact same issue on my S10, my S9 has no problems. I submitted a ticket, no fix yet.

you can upload it to a site like Youtube and then link it here, that will help staff see what is going on.

Looks like they found my issue in another post… My S9 already pushed the update to V27 and my Google Play store auto update. My S10 is stuck at V26, hence the error when I log onto my S10. Should fix itself once the update is pushed to the S10. Just have to wait it out.

Rmn, do you have a 2nd device at V27 already? Game version is shown on bottom right corner of loading screen.

Yeah I have that that was the cause but nothing to do more than wait lol thanks for the info Powdaah

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