Can't make polls on the boards

I don’t seem to have the option to make a poll. I know where it should be theoretically, but the option isn’t there.

Is there a requirement I need to meet?

Someone else is currently having the same issue. In case it isn’t an interface issue I just went and reread the info on Discourse Trust Levels, and I don’t see any changes there. Wish I had more insight to assist.

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Yeah I was going to guess it had to do with discourse trust levels. A bit of googling says each site has their own requirements for polls. No idea if that’s accurate.

Maybe a mod would know best?

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I’m wondering if something was accidently changed by SGG, with this since Discourse hasn’t made changes…unless of course Discourse or SGG made a change and are a bit behind on updating users :woman_shrugging::nerd_face:


What trust level is polls? Don’t see that there.

My guess would Be a member

Talk to discobot in messages and take the advanced tutorial maybe this way you find out why