Can't log in to one of my accounts

Hello. I have 3 accounts I’ve been playing with for a few years. My phone recently bit the dust and had to order a new one. While waiting for it, I put my sim card in an old phone of my sons. I can access my main and 1 of my alts, but when I switch to the 3rd one in Google play, it tries to give me a new gamer name as if that account didn’t exist and it’s making a new one.

Needless to say, I’ve put a considerable amount of time (and some $) in these accounts and would really like to access the 3rd one. BTW, I can’t do a direct wireless transfer to the new phone as the old phone is toast, can’t use any function… screen is busted.

Can anyone offer help or suggestions? Would be very much appreciated.

Hi. If all of those accounts are tied to a different and distinct Google accounts, all you need to do is add those Google accounts to that new phone of yours. After downloading the game, you have the option to select which account to play with by choosing its respective Google account.

If on iOS, I think a support ticket is the only remedy. I’ve read somewhere here able to do that.

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Yes, that’s the weird thing. It opens/switches/has access to 2 accounts only. Doesn’t recognize the third. It tries to open with a NEW google gamerID.

I’m going to phone store tomorrow. Maybe they will be able to help me transfer from my broken phone.

Strange indeed. In my 2nd phone, a Huawei i-dunno-the-model-as-it-is-issued-by-the-office, i can access all accounts on the game. My main phone, a Samsung S9+, is where my main account is at.

Goodluck retrieving your missing account. Hope you get it back.

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