Can't load the game

I can’t get past the black Small Giant screen, it just drops back to my main menu. I’ve tried logging it with support but getting zero help there. They keep telling me I need to provide my game play info. I can’t do that as I can’t log in to get it!!!
Has anyone else had this, and how can I get it resolved please? I’m very reluctant to go the uninstall & re-install route unless I have to, even though my game should be saved.

Few Months back it was happened to me. Please do the following

Un install the game
Clear the cache in your mobile two to three times
then install the game, it will ask your mail ID and link to your mail ID they will send OTP to your mail ID/Mobile no and go head

Then game will come to your last played status

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Thank you very much Bitra77777, that’s worked perfectly :blush:

You are most welcome

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