Cant link my account to Iphone

Hey, so when i type in the code that i got from my android to link my iPhone it doesnt work even if we are on the same wifi, do i need to be a certain level on my iPhone to be able to link my android account to it? i have tried everything all the steps.

This sounds like a job for Customer Support:

Please do not post any pics of your account number or email, as the forum is fellow players discussing the game, not SG able to help; for that you need to contact SG directly (see the link).


You need to be properly signed out of one account on the first device before you can sign in to on another. Remember, all the action takes place on their game servers, not on your mobile devices. Being able to be logged in to the same account from 2 devices is never going to work.

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Alright im gonna try this thanks

Wait what do you mean properly sign out, i ssign out of google play account and facebook is that all?

Yes, just log out of your google play account for E&P (just quitting it completely should work; BUT never have two different OS’s trying to use your account simultaneously), wait a moment and then log in on your Apple account… Please make sure you have your player number/user ID written down next to you.

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did not work sadly

This may be getting complicated, both devices need to be connected to the same network to link to a new device (Options/settings). You then need to “create a code” in a popup window, have both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, generate the code and enter that code under “input code” in the device you are linking to and all usually within a short timeframe.

Sorry for your frustration.

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I tried to sync both my accounts into my iPhone. Had to create another apple ID. I lost my alt. I seemed help from SG. I tried to have them link the alt to my email and not my alt email and Eli told me not to post my personal email or the case will close. So I understood that if they were able to recover my alt it would link to my alt account. The problem with that is that during the linking process my main took my alt email so if they were to retrieve my alt I’d lose my main since only one profile can be linked to one email. I said goodbye to my alt.

they are connected to same wifi, i have checked multiple times to be sure and it doesnt seem to be working

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