Can't kill Delilah's minions

Just made a walk of shame while raiding with 3 straight losses because i couldn’t kill Delilah’s minions!?
In all 3 games i had 3 or 4 heroes left when i came to the stage that the enemy only had his/her Delilah left in the corner and I still lost as i just couldn’t manage to kill her minions?!
I tried both stacking and rainbow team but got the same result. AND, this is no the first time this has happened!!!

I own Delilah & she’s one of my favorite heroes. But I do recognize that she can be difficult to take down. My question to you is, who do you have in your team to fight her? Also, do you own Gobbler? The reason I would ask that is because he is the only one in the game who can take down every minions at once!

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