Can't join the game (AGAIN!)

Weeks ago I face the same problem, butt with update it was solved. But Yesterday, again I can’t join the game.
When it is loading, after the second screen (first one is SMALL GIANT logo, second one is the one with some heroes and the game’s logo) the screen turn black and nothing more happens.
I spend some money in the game (and a large amount of hours, but if in every upgrade I lost a week or so…maybe I don’t wanna play anymore…)

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I am having the exact same issue. The game goes through the opening logo, then the loading screen, then nothing but a black screen.
And because of not being able to enter the game, no access to the support button. Help!!

Have you tried to restart your device, does that help? If you still keep experiencing this problem, please contact us through here ( If you cannot see your account identifier on the startup screen, please provide the exact player name and Alliance name you belong to.

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Hi Petri,
Worked like a charm for me!! Apparently I forgot my tech support basics. Thanks for the help.

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this doesn’t work for me, it’s not a sollution.

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