Can't increase special skill

Good day! It is some problem. Why does the skill of heroes not up?

Shouldn’t this be in General - as it isn’t really a bug? Or are you leaving it here for those that might be in search of this ‘bug’?

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No problem

На сб, 24.11.2018 г., 9:48 Witch < написа:

It was posted here and I thought the devs might like to confirm internally that this really sent a code problem.

I’m annoyed with this at best. A couple of my guys have leveled their skill ridiculously fast, almost implausibly so. Another two are stuck at the same skill, statistically almost not plausibly. The RNG in this game is infuriating at times. Shouldn’t I get rewarded, using the same color all the time? Irritating.

A frequently heard lament, e.g.

Have noticed since last update skills only increase if you ascend a hero. Have heard others complain of this too. Is there a fix coming?

Nope haven’t noticed a change, just a little bad luck for you right now.

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I play this game for some time now and something is clearly up with this right now. Not saying it is global as I checked with my alliance and some get skill upgrades to go normally, but clearly something happened to my account.
I always level up several heroes at the same time and never had a problem with special skill upgrades. Normally I would get 7/8 or 8/8 by 3/40.
In the past few days I’ve been upgrading three 4* heroes (pics will be below) all of them only upgraded skill through ascensions… My method did not change (always around 20-30% each try).
Notr that caedmoj had one skill upgrade that wasn’t an ascencion, but I can confirm that was long ago when I had no problem with this matter. I have this problem for like 3 or 4 days (not sure exactly maybe more maybe less).
Replies saying it’s just bad luck can be saved as I’m quite racional about this game and I know it’s a luck game, but this clearly isn’t. So if someone could check it it would be great. Thx.


Since reading this i got 2 special skills increases in a row. So, i took screenshots.

I can also confirm that special skills still improve (haven’t taken screenshots). There have always been heroes that seem to resist improvement. In June, my Isarnia was still at 2/8 a few levels before her second ascension (2/52 or so). One or two days later she was at 6/8 and long before she hit 3/70, her special was maxed.

4-star and 5-star heroes almost always get to 8/8 quite some time before they are fully leveled. Sometimes a 4-star hasn’t reched 8/8 when he’s at 3/60. The real problem are 3-star heroes who regularly reach 3/50 before they’re at 8/8…

My daughter and I play this game. She is currently ascending 5 (3* and 48) heroes and so do I. No problems with leveling special skill.
No, there is one exception: in her account stubborn Balthazar got maxed in strength but remained at level 4 of a special skill.

The two heroes I’m currently levelling without maxed specials are increasing - slowly of course, but they are going up without ascensions.
There are often reports of individual heroes who wouldn’t level their special if their digital lives depended on it though. My Squire Wabbit made it to 3/50 with a special of 4/8, but I don’t think anyone has reported beating @Rook with her maxed Gunnar with a 3/8 special yet.


I have Ares at 5/8 at only 2/2. No lack of special increase here.

Once a hero is max ascension and max level, you can continue to feed it to try for an increase in the special skill. As I’ve posted elsewhere, there is a big improvement coming soon to this mechanic, so hold off doing that until the change is in.


similar to topic, I thought that special skill automatically leveled during any ascension but the last few days I have ascended several that did not level the special skill. Am I wrong or was this changed since the 7DD leveling video I watched about this.

Thank you. I know this. I mentioned that hero just as an example of not maxed one, not that it is problem for me.

What will taking a screen shot do? I have 3 heroes that I’ve put maybe 200 or more other heroes into and not once has the special gone up since last month.

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