Can't increase special skill

Since last update, i’m not having anymore any special skill in to my hero’s… what’s going on

Print or a video pls!

I think he is talking about upgrading his heroes special skills to 8.
But who knows!

Yes that’s that, up the skills to level 8, since last update, i haven’t had no more up, heaven whith chances of having it of 51% our more, heaven making more them 5 times 10 by 10

Still. Make a screenshot pls of your hero.

If your hero’s a 3* unfortunately get used to it! If their 4* or higher the norm is they will reach 8/8 by 3/60 but on the odd occasion even a 4* sometimes won’t max until 4/70

I’m doing like that. I’m feeding my hero with one hero, once. One by one, they get faster their skill up. I tested that with 2 Valen. In the end, the one that I feed 10 heroes once, had 4/8 skill and the other one 7/8. It helps!

Same problem with elkanen, stuck at 7/8 since 20/2…now im at 62/3

That isn’t really a problem - at the latest when you ascend him to 4th level, his special will be 8/8.

I know but it should be ready by now… not to mention i dont have the materials to ascend him :))

Okay, thank’s, il will try doing one by one, to see if it works. for information it’s a 5* hero, Isarnia, and yes in the paste at the same stage, i had 8/8 in many situations, our at least 7/8. she is 25/2 and she is 2/8, and the skill I hade it my upgrating

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I’d say that’s just bad luck. If you manage to get her to 4/80 without 8/8 then we could start thinking if something is up.

Good luck. All my 5* heroes get 5/8 until tier 2. I don’t have Isarnia, but it really works if u need skill up.

[I’ve renamed the thread to make it clearer what the problem is.]

Thank’s, the problem is that i can’t have any upgrade of the special skill of heros since last update

FWIW, one of my projects gained a Special skill level this morning. So it’s not a universal problem. Most likely just a run of bad luck – not like that ever happens in this game!

It seems to me like a long discussion (close to a holy war) whether 10 heroes in one shot better than one by one or the other way round.

I’m still experimenting. But so far I don’t see any benefit in feeding one by one.

Sorry for YOU! Try your ideas! Good Luck!

While I haven’t approached it statistically to see which is better in real terms, my personal observation is that one by one feeding when special raising has the benefit of feeling better to me, because it gives more actual rolls on the chance to increase the special.

Good day! It is some problem. Why does the skill of heroes not up?

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