Cant get past the update page

My tablet popped up the update available box. I clicked on update, it take me to play store and empires pops up with open lit up. I press open it runs me right back to update available box. Round and round. my account is #[removed by mod] version 19.3.0 build 914.
I have been using this same device for about 9 months. It is a tab 4

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Have you tried refreshing the list of app updates? Usually if you do after getting that message, the new update will show up after a manual refresh of the update list.

The Support site also has this article that might help:

tried no luck…

That’s frustrating. Did you try everything in the Support article too?

do i have to all at once or each

It looks like it says to try one section at a time, and then try updating again after each section

i have no idea how to find some of these like undoing card and all

I’m not sure, unfortunately. I have an iPhone, personally.

Maybe just try the ones you can do at least?

i have been…

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thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Is it working finally?

not yet i am still messing with it

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i give up for now will just play on the phone

Sorry it’s not working. :confused:

I guess playing on the phone until the update shows up on your tablet is a decent option in the meantime at least.

I had to go to a 3rd party site and load it

So did you get the update installed that way finally?

Suffering with same problem here, dzenpad 8 user. I guess issue is on google playstore side, can be fixed by installing update from third party site. I’m too lazy to check, try’ll it tomorrow.

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